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The stolen generation

No description

Hyung Joo Lee

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of The stolen generation

The stolen generation What

How Why When Who They were Indigenous children who were forcibly tkaen from their parents.
They were made to live in church, state institutions or government officials
They were forsted or adopted by white families
This policy was finally brought to an end in 1970 To train children to act, think, speak and believe white, so this help to lose the aboriginals' identity
To make Indigenous people socialise into white society
Taking neglected and uncontrollable children would be good for everyone and society 100 000 Indigenojs children were involved in the stolen generation The parents of the children would be asked to sign a form that they could not read.
Children were taken when their parents were working outside
Children were seperated from their families. This policy instituted in 1886 It is a clssic example of paternailsm White Australians thought that the aboriginals people were not able to raise their children properly. This is a part of the policy of assimiliation Boys were trained to be farm workers. Often, they had no opportunity of education Girls were train to be domestic servants and treated like slaves
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