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Kensuke's Kingdom

Timeline of story

Krish Nahan

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Kensuke's Kingdom

By Krish Nahan KENSUKE'S KINGDOM Michael's parents sell their home, and set sail on the Peggie Sue. Are sailing on course to the Bay of Biscay. They landed in Africa Oct. 11, 1987 They land in Brazil, play soccer with Eddie's soccer ball, and Michael's mom is sick Arrived in Capetown, Africa. Mom is still sick, sadly. Jan.1, 1988 Christmas day! No gift forStella Dec.25, 1987 Stella (the dog) falls overboard but Michael saves her Feb. 7 1988 Arrived in Perth, Australia. Michaels cousins said:"Marry us, Michael!" April. 3, 1988 The storm- Michael falls overboard!(He should've wore a life jacket)-The day before his birthday-"those were the last words I ever wrote" said Michael July 28, 1988 The timeline of Kensuke's Kindom Nov. 16 1987 Sept 10 1987 Eddie Eddie Eddie Eddie EDDIE Eddie Dec. 25, 1987 July 28, 1989 The day Michael returned from the dead
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