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The Crusades

No description

c cr

on 27 February 2012

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Transcript of The Crusades

Happend from 1098-1291
There were 4 states established by the crusaders
The 4 states were: Jerusalem, Tripolt, Antioch & Edessa
They were never free from the European influence The first crusade took place in July of 1099
The Kingdom of France, Holy Roman Empire, Duchy of Apulia and Kingdom of England were the ones to fight.
Once city captured they say, that the soldier kissed the floor of hapiness.
Christians took possessions of all the houses and properties. Founding of
Crusader States Capture of Jerusalem
by Christians Pope Urban II Speech Saladin's Death His speech took place in 1095
He did it to encourage and
motivate people to join the first crusade. Loss of Jerusalem to Saladin Saladin attacked in 1187 and after 3 months he gained control
Next crusade in 1189 Saladin stripped ford and poissoned wells, King Richard was forced to make a treaty.
The shock killed Pope Urban III Sack Constantinople
by Western Crusaders Childrens Crusade It happened in 1212.
They told the kids to follow some men to start a new crusade.
They went by foot and lots of children died during the way.
Only survivors came back in 1230 after 18 years of slavery. By Christina,
Tess & Cristina Pope Urban II Capture of
Jerusalem Founding of the
Crusader States Loss of Jerusalem to
the Christians Saladin's Death Sack of Constatinople
by Western Crusaders Order of The Kinghts
is Founded Order of Templar Knights is Founded Zangi becomes ruler of Mosul;
consolidates power in Syria Nur al-Din dies; Saladin
seizes Damacus Childrens Crusade NUr al-Din dies;
Saladin seizes Damacus Zangi becomes ruler
of Mosul; Consolidates
power in Syria The
Crusades Hughes de Payens,geoffrey de st. founded Jerusalem in 1118.the protection of the Pilgrims and holly land was the bases of the order.
French King of Jerusalem,King Baldwin ll installed the order.
In 1128 the council of Troyes confirmed by Pope Honorius ll.
In defence of the holy land,alot of order’s battle honours.
The Templar's withdrew acre following in 1187 the fall of Jerusalem .The Templar's remained at acre until 1291 when it was captured and the grand Master William de Beaujue was killed.
The surviving Templar were the last to leave.
Order withdrawn to Limmasol. Roman and greek were stohlen and destroyed by the crusades when they sacked constantinople for three days.
Libary of constantinople was destroyed.
Crusades violated the cities sanctuaries, destroying or stealing despite their oaths and the threat of excommunication.
Around 900,000 silver marks was looted from Constantinople.
Venetians got 150,000 silver marks
Crusaders got 50,000 silver marks
Further on 100,000 silver marks was separated between crusaders and Venetians.
Remaining 500,000 silver marks secretly kept by crusader knights.
Massacre of the Latins was the revenge of the Latin residents and Constantinople in 1182. Saladin is dead on march 4,1193 caused by a fever.He was in Damascus when he died.(Richard’s departures was shortly after)
At that time his possession were a piece of gold and 47 metal pieces.
No money was left to pay for his funeral for he gave his poor subject his money.
In the garden outside Umayyad Mosque in Syria he was buried.
Centuries late a emperor( Wihelm ll) gave away marble to mausoleum has two sarcophagi.The original one that holds Saladin was made out of wood and the second one was made out of marble,possessing nothing inside.
when he died Saladin seizes Damacus saladins death caused the sack of constantinople he seizes jerusalem Zangi could not control Syria so he turned his attention to Edessa ( the first crusader state) to captures and to fall, he gained control of althe stated. His kingdom fell apart in 1146 When he dies Saladin uses the
opportunity to take over Syria and conquer it.
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