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hi guys this is my third video and hope you enjoy :)

ben feng

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Naruto

hehe funny picture but it's the
only good one i could find . hi guys this is my third
video and hope you guys
like it. this prezi is about a manga called naruto. the one on the top is naruto the boy next to him holding the peace sign
is sai the girl under naruto is sakura in the
pink hair the one next to sakura in the hood is shino the girl under shino is tenten the girl beside tenten is hinata the girl beside hinata is temari and the girl next to temari is ino the boy under ino is choji and the boy next to choji is neji and the boy and the dog under those two girls are kiba and akamaru the boy under the dog is shikamaru the one holding them all is lee the one beside lee is kankuro and the one who is sitting on the giant sand hand is garra well hope you enjoyed this prezi
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