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Monster Energy

No description

Clotilde Caille

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Monster Energy

Originated in the United States
Multi-million dollar beverage company launched in 2002 by Hansen Natural
More than an energy drink : a lifestyle in a can!
Target : 16 to 35 years old
Unleash the beast! Presentation of Monster Energy
Definition of the placement project
Communication strategy of Monster
Become an active member of the team
My recommendations
My Self-evaluation
Conclusion Agenda Monster Energy Products range Competitors Monster Energy Footprint Beverage Company Original, Lo-carb, Khaos and Assault Java Rehab and Mixxd Mean Bean, Big Black and Moca Loca Cans and gear products for the EMEA market Gear Products Stickers, clothes, gloves, ... Coffee flavored 2008 Grapefruit Partnerships with Fox, DC Shoes, ... Customer target 2 kinds of objectives The placement project The company's objectives My personal objectives 3 main defaults 3 main qualities My Self-Evaluation - Lack of rigour

- English level

- Poor time management Volunteer Curious Adapt quickly - Being N.1 worldwide - Entering new countries - Monster Energy image - Create Database - Learn English
- Discover a new department
- Adapt myself in a new
country Viral Marketing A communication
strategy focused on non media Street marketing Advertising on point
of sale Communication Strategy of
Monster Energy My missions Gymkhana Grid Media reporting Other missions Participation in the active
life of the marketing department Green : Currently market, 70 countries
Yellow : Market whished for 2013 tea and lemonade flavored Energy drink market Differentiation
No advertising
Oriented on image Problems People are bombarded from media
Don't pay attention Solutions Problem of visibility
New tend : importance of elements at the point of sale Objectives :
Cognitive : awareness
Emotional : love
Conative : purchasing Tools :
Monster truck
Appropriate place
Starting point
Finish line
Sort of obstacle
Driver duals Race with 5 races in 4 countries Participation at Gymkhana Grid in Amsterdam 09/16 Called french guest
Flyer distribution in London
Assistant during the event Monthly media report Main work
Average 8 countries by month
Television, Press, Internet
Each apparition of the claw
Remy Moreau assistant
Contact manager of each country
Gather informations Collect information for each country Order information Classify by media / sport Create final file Name of media
Audience potential x Steps Major event punctual reporting Each event with large mediatization
Positive or negative Final Gymkhana Grid European major motorsport event Contact Monster Energy managers in each country concerned
Gather, order and create file as a regular media report
Analysis Type of magazine
Number of item per country
Uploaded on intranet
Tested by Jimmy Goodrich Death coverage Dakar rally Creation of an EMEA communication plan for 2013 Magazines prospection Two drivers: which one to choose? My recommendations Launch an organic range Monster Festival Event Major negative event Define the impact of the accident
Contact monster energy managers in countries concerned
Gather, order and create file as a regular media report
Analysis Many investigation in many countries
Relaunch the debate on energy drink

Sales have not been affected
Share price declined Uploaded on the intranet Worldwide major motorsport event In charge of :
Collect French apparition TV/Internet
Coordination with european country manager
Gather, order and create a file with all Monster claw apparition
Promote product by consumer
Belonging to a group
Monster uses internet :
- Facebook
- Video
- Buzz 5 car drivers
2 motorbike drivers 2 victory for Monster Energy Mini last 2 years Uploaded on the company intranet Used by managers to evaluate impact of the event Sort a 1000 magazines list
Select appropriate ones by categories

Contact magazines thanks to a global directory website

Every magazines in Europe listed
Main magazine contacts eu.vocus.com Select and list appropriate contacts
Contact them by mail to suggest an article about the Monster event
Such as : Moto GP, F1, WRC, MX, Skateboard event... Main event -> Select events
-> Find date and list most important ones
-> Indicate Monster Athletes present
->Upload plan on the intranet for marketing team Project to sponsor a new DTM driver Collect information about 2 DTM drivers Mission Martin Tomczyk Bruno Spengler
number and name of races won
Social network notoriety
website and current team Summary sheet including : Analysis Number of race won
Their progress
Followers on social network My analysis : Bruno Splengler more appropriate Decision will be take during 2013 Interests : - Differentiation with other brands
- Healthier image
- More added value Constraints : - Change of the brand image
- Increase of the price -> Gather various kind of person : athletes and singer

-> Many sports represented : motocross, wakeboarding, FMX, BMX, endurocross, ...

-> Dethrone the X-Games
-> Show to the audience new sports and new athletes
-> Create a buzz Conclusion - First experience in a marketing/
communication department
- New corporate culture : working atmosphere, easy contact, ...

- Integrate easily
- Motivated Broadcasted in 190 countries - Attended many meeting
- Participate to company lunches
- Viewed Monster Energy event
- Help with my french skills
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