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Mission Possible----Teaching Citation Styles

No description

Leecy Barnett

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Mission Possible----Teaching Citation Styles

Teaching Citation Styles... Angel, Miguel. What have I done!? August 17, 2006. Photograph. Fickr.com. Why take the time? Without Self-Destructing Standards What is the problem? Style Guides Handouts How the Library can help MLA APA Chicago Style Guides Online Give the Big Picture Teaching Tips Specify Source Requirements Parts of a Citation Citation Samples Database Citations For every information source the author
the title
the date of publication or update
place of publication SuZen. Booked. July 7, 2007. Photograph. Flickr.com.
journal title
page numbers
name of database
date accessed
url name of sponsoring organization
date accessed
url Stéfan. The droids we're googling for. July 23, 2009. Photograph. Flickr.com. MLA Article Title Authors Medium of Date Accessed Prescott, David S., and Jill S. Levenson. "Sex Offender Treatment Is Not Punishment." Journal Title Journal of Sexual Aggression Volume.# 16.3 Year (2010): Page numbers 275-285. Web. 30 July 2012. Publication APA Prescott, D. S., & Levenson, J. S. Authors (2010). Year Sex offender treatment is not punishment. Article Title Journal of Sexual Aggression, Journal Title 16(3), volume(#) 275-285. Page numbers doi:10.1080/13552600.2010.483819 Digital Object Identifer (italics) (italics) Chicago Database (italics) Academic Search Premier. Prescott, David S., and Jill S. Levenson. Authors 2010. Year "Sex offender treatment is not punishment." Article title Journal Of Sexual Aggression Journal title (italics) 16, no. 3 Volume, # 275-285. Page numbers Academic Search Premier Database (italics) (accessed July 31, 2012). Date accessed Credit where credit is due Avoid Plagarism So people can consult your sources Practical Suggestions Tip:
Do the
Reference Page
1st Alphabetical by Author’s Last Name
Hanging Indent
Double Space New at the Library Personal Help Coleman= Ritter
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