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Scientific Method review

Scientific Method, Dependent Variables, Independent Variables, Controls

Scott Comstock

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Scientific Method review

Step 1: Question
Must be testable
Independent Variable - YOU change & test
Dependent Variable - Changes as a result
Control Group - "Normal" group in experiment
Constant - Stays the same through experiment
Will giving a plant saltwater help it to grow taller?
Normal water
Step 3: Hypothesis
Educated Guess
If, Then, Because statement
Will giving a plant saltwater help it to grow taller?
Normal water
you give a plant saltwater
it will not grow taller
Gossip -
Does a rumor about what Mrs. Donalson ate for breakfast spread faster or slower than a rumor about Mrs. Donalson coming to school tomorrow with a purple Mohawk?

start a rumor about Mrs. Donalson's Mohawk
it will spread faster than his breakfast
Independent & Dependent Variables...
Which rumor is told
How fast it spreads
Step 4: Testing the Hypothesis
Gather material
Write procedure
Run the test
(more than once)
Collect data
Procedure = Step-by-Step Instructions
Analysis & Graphs
Bar Graph
Line Graph
Pie Chart
Used when things
are separate
Change over time
Used for Percentages
Important Graphing Rules...
1) Figure out which type of graph you need
2) Give it a TITLE
3) Label and Title your X & Y axis
4) The bottom left of your graph should be 0
5) X axis is Independent Variable
Y axis is Dependent Variable
My Hypothesis...
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