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Interpreting the Scorecard (ARCC2.0)

Cohorts, Outcomes, and N's

Rick Fillman

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Interpreting the Scorecard (ARCC2.0)

Rick Fillman
May 2013 Interpreting the Student Success Scorecard Completion cohorts (2006) Prepared Under-prepared ESL ENGLISH MATH CTE Overall Remedial cohorts (2006) Milestones/Momentum points @ 6 years 3 consecutive (primary) terms
Completion Prepared
Completion Under-Prepared
Completion Overall Groups measured Remedial
outcomes English: Success in English 1A
Math: Success in Math-152 (Intermediate Algebra) or better
ESL: Success in English 1A Completion Outcomes Completion outcomes One or more of the following:
Certificate of Achievement
Transfer to 4-year
60 transferable units & GPA>=2.0 Completion Prepared
Completion Under-prepared
Completion Overall
CTE Groups measured 30 units Persistence Outcome Measures Thank you Cabrillo College Planning & Research ARCC2.0 Topology English Math CTE Assembling Cohorts Entry point Qualification point
@ 3 years Outcomes
@ 6 years Completion Successful completion of 6 units, attempted Math or English. First-time student.
(system-wide) Successfully completed 8 units in CTE discipline. Outcomes
@ 6 years Student takes remedial course Math 254 (any)
English 255
ESL (any) And attempted: .. add to respective cohort Completion & CTE Remedial (Basic Skills) ESL How many Cabrillo students in each cohort? ARCC2.0 Cohorts 2006 entry year ARCC2.0 Notes Overlap (various cohorts) SPAR=Student Progress and Attainment Rate [CB04=C] Not degree applicable 2006-07
2003-06 and followed for 6 years First time student somewhere in the system in, Scorecard 2006-7
2011-12 2011-12 Number of years to transfer (from start Cabrillo) Count of transfers arriving that year Data from other years available for download, and on the Data Mart
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