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Snow by Julia Alvarez

No description

Jennifer Kastanek

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of Snow by Julia Alvarez

Snow by Julia Alvarez
Yolanda describes how the seasons change from her window in the classroom.
tangible - (adj) a word used to describe something that can be experienced by touch.

I possessed an over whelming need to do something tangible or at least be where positive attempts were undertaken.

Short Story Memoir
- Yolanda is the main character.
- She is a 4th grade student in a New York City Catholic elementary school in the 1960's.
- She is a new immigrant from Latin America and has bonded with her teacher, Sister Zoe.
- Yolanda describes some experiences learning the English language.

Cuban Missile Crisis
Historical Fact - October 1962

- Soviet missiles were being stored 90 miles from the U.S. in Cuba.

- School students in the U.S. practiced bomb drills.

- Resovling this conflict was a highlight of President JFK's administration.
One day as she was daydreaming out the window and she "saw dots in the air like the ones Sister Zoe had drawn - random at first, then lots and lots. I shrieked, Bomb! Bomb!"
Only snow!
After causing a bit of a shock in her classroom, Sister Zoe explains that it is only snow that falls from American skies during the winter months.
Yolanda describes how her class would practice aid-raid drills. Students would take cover in the hallways, covering their heads. Yolanda describes saying a rosary at home with her Mami and sisters.
page 215

" As the only immigrant in my class, I was put in a special seat in the first row by the window, apart from the other children, so that Sister Zoe could tutor me without disturbing them."

- an author's process that reveals the personality of a character.
- Characterization is revealed through direct characterization and indirect characterization.

Alvarez's use of Characterization
Sister Zoe

- "grandmotherly" (description)
- placed Yolanda in a special seat (action)
- "Why Yolanda, dear," she said in a soft voice - (speech)
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