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Entertainment of the Future

Prezi... By Ed Holmes

Ed Holmes

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Entertainment of the Future

Entertainment of the future!
By Ed Holmes 2012 Social Networking Apple By Ed Holmes Thank you for looking at my Prezi and I hoped you enjoyed it! Gaming in the future What is in world now, In 2012? 3D T.V Nintendo 3Ds Concept controller of the future! The controller for tablets goes around the tablet which helps u for better and easier gaming. This is goin gto be great fun. Virtual holographic display
z-Space This z-Space device is going to be one of the best devices to plan a car or something you are going to make. This will make it a little bit easier! Iphone 5 At the moment social networking is on the computer and on androids.
In the near future they are going to have phones that you can access your social networkings, just like a normal phone!
Facebook gets about 552 million users per day and 995 million users per month. Facebooke is one of the most popular social networks with over a billion networks. Apple is an American multinational corporaion that
designs and sells computer elecronics, computer software and personal computers. The companies best known hardware products are macintosh line
of computers, the Ipod Touch, Iphone, Ipad. Its soft
ware includes the OS X and IOS operating system,
the Itunes media browser, Ilife and the Iwork creativity and production suits.
Apple are always makingnew designs and gadgets. There latest designs are The Ipad 3, Ipod 5, Iphone 5 and some more.
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