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Jess Westerly at Kauflauf GmbH

No description

Andrew Valdez

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Jess Westerly at Kauflauf GmbH

Jess Westerly at Kauflauf GmbH
Spencer Iobe, Jared Ropp, Andrew Valdez, Elizabeth VarnHagen
Increase profit, improve strategy
Shift customer focus
small/med large
Approval from dept. heads
Field consultants highly skilled in sales
Three leg approach
Small company friendliness
No bonuses to reward high achievies
Communication between HQ, Developement, Marketing, and Sales
Structure: loose hierarchy, report direct to CEO

Systems: one-on-one, allocate time to small/med firms, small-co friendliness, informal relationships w/colleagues for fast inter-dept. contact
PESTLE: Social
Emphasis on personalization, interconnectedness, strong customer service...
Three Heads
CEO, CFO, Admin
Three Divisions
Each division has subdivisions
Middle Market
Custom Software
No Hierarchy
PESTLE: Potential Problems
Factory Pollution
Foreign Markets
Trying Again

Should Westerly have suggested changes to the compensation system?
Plan a Heidelberg meeting between the RSD's and top field consultants?
Should she include the whole sales team and enlist the designers help, as well?
Who else should be involved?
Leadership style is very effective
Interpersonal relationships
Cooperate employees, find high satisfaction in doing well
Kauflauf GmbH Summery
Headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany
Founded in 2002 offering 'software as a service'
Disruptive Innovation
Primarily served sales classes 3 4 and 5
Three Company Directors: Development, Marketing, and Sales
Quickly outperformed biggest rivals
Highly matrix culture structure
Jess Westerly
Hired in November, 2011
American raised in Germany
Assistant Product Owner
Worked in a similar position for a software company in the US
Rigorous Kauflauf two month orientation
Great prior success at growing the market share
PESTLE: Economical
Shared Values
Relationships with customers and colleagues.

“no matter where in the world you live,
if you work for Kauflauf
you live in Heidelberg”
The best in the field.
Summery of Westerly Problem
PESTLE Technology
Video Conferece
Smart Phones
Social Media
- Keep small accounts
- Allocation of time in top 3
- "Upsell" to current clients
Continuity of Shared Values
- Sustaining Innovation
Kauflauf's current strategy
By moving to level 1 and 2 accounts, Field Consultants will lose small markets to rivals
35% of FC time went to 85% of revenue producing costumers
Kauflauf built on soldiering of middle market
Customized software development for:
- Auto Part Industry
- Computer/Office Supplies
- Medical Devices
June 2011
Westerly emails sales department initial proposal
Negative feedback from sales department received at headquarters
August 2011
Westerly realizes she needs to reshape her call patterns strategy
November 2011
Revised plan approved by Director
Westerly suggests different sales pattern.
The culture of the company rejected the new plan.
What Westerly tried to do was another disruptive innovation.
Needs to get both teams, development and sales, involved in the plan.
- Client Handover
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