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Playwright Project

Heather Davis and Rebecca Hawk

Rebecca Hawk

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Playwright Project

Eugene Gladstone O'Neill Life: 10.16.1888- 11.27.1953 Eugene was born into the theatre; Both of his parents were involved in Theatre.
Eugene's parents traveled constantly, which explains why he was born in a hotel. Eugene,also, grew up in various hotels because of this reason.
Due to the constant presence in the theatre, Eugene's parents stuggled to provide a secure childhood. Eugene's mother resulted with a drug addiction, which Eugene later blamed on his father.
Eugene's parents also observed different religions causing dramatic conflict and a high sense of struggle with God; This struggle often arises in O'Neill's plays.
After being educated in Boarding Schools, Eugene became an alcoholic and attempted suicide, after this event O'Neill went through what he called his "rebirth" and divulged himself into theatre. Previously to his "rebirth" Eugene also worked as a reporter.

Awards: Pulitzer Prize in 1920 (Drama)
Nobel Peace Prize in 1936 (Literature)
Quotes: Man is born broken. He lives by mending. The grace of God is glue. -from the Great God Brown
We like this quote because it explains God's presence in human life in simple terms

When men make gods, there is no God! -from Lazarus Laughed
This quote is unique because it is so true.

The past is the present, isn't it? It's the future too. -from Long Day's Journey into Night
his is interesting because History does repeat itself.

Book Source from Galileo:
Eugene O Neill was inspired by the playwrights Stringberg and Isben. He wrote many of his plays while at sea with his father. Interesting Facts: First American dramatists to regard the stage as a literary medium.
Became an alcoholic, yet became sober leading into his great works.
Was married three times. Plays: [Total #: 53] Long Day's Journey into Night> produced posthumously 1956
Beyond the Horizon (1920) >Represented a reversed childhood that O'Neill wishes he had expirenced.
Anna Christie (1922)>His most-celebrated long plays is Anna Christie, perhaps the classic American example of the ancient "harlot with a heart of gold" theme.
Strange Interlude (1928)> The play is the saga of Everywoman, who ritualistically acts out her roles as daughter, wife, mistress, mother, and platonic friend.
Ah! Wilderness (1933) >His only comedy
The Iceman Cometh (1946)> the finest and most complex of O' Neill's tragedies.
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