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H.P Lovecraft Compared To Edgar Allen Poe

Comparing the author.

James Nguyen

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of H.P Lovecraft Compared To Edgar Allen Poe

This presentation will require the use of
the website www.soundsjustlike.com simultaneously. H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe Comparing and Contrasting While both authors lived in different time periods, both of them had the same style of writing when compared. Both authors write in a style of a horror and drama. *play the first song and then the second song, notice how they sound the same but are not during the same era. Click the next arrow on the website. Lovecraft modeled most of his work from Poe, "When i write stories, Edgar Allan Poe is my model." *Play the next selection of music, notice how the first song sounds like the second one?
The band modeled it to sound similar to the older band. There are though, some differences. While both author display horror.
Lovecraft displays salvation at the end, when the main character killed his friend to
let him go in peace. Poe shows mysteries and problems that doesn't really solve itself, such as the raven saying "nevermore." Both writers specialize in "supernatural themes,"
Such as the the talking raven, and the wife possessing the man. *Play the next selection of songs on the website. But H.P. Lovecraft gives great insight on detail:
"The caller had on one of Edward's overcoats - its bottom almost touching the ground, and its sleeves rolled back yet still covering the hands." Regarding the stories, "The Thing On The Doorstep" was a cause of events that happened though out a long time period, while "The Raven" happened all in one night. "The Thing On The Doorstep" had an interaction with 3 characters while "The Raven" had interaction with only two characters. Both authors had the same writing types such as horror and science fiction. However, each author had a different way of telling the story and moreover, the ending of the story. *Music to reflect on.
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