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The Surveillant Assemblage

No description

Melissa Bigot

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of The Surveillant Assemblage

How is it different to 'older' forms of surveillance?
Instead of simply just watching what and who in each view from a camera, The ‘surveillant assemblage’ operates by observing what is in the frames of current technologies to seperate community members into 'discrete flows'. These flows are brought together in a different location as 'virtual data doubles' and these adhere to privacy guidelines as they are not physically there. This information can then be scrutinized and targeted for intervention if needed. This information is also used in marketing research.

What is Surveillant Assemblage?
Surveillant Assemblage is the coming together and making of newer and more advanced surveillance systems.
It is a system that gives us a set of tools that allow us to re-think the operation of emergent surveillance systems
Assemblages is people who work together to become united and function together
The reasoning for this system is due to the desires for control, governance, security, profit and entertainment

Social Media as Surveillant Assemblage
Example: Facebook
You tell it where you are, when you are there, and who you are with, this information goes back to the corporations facebook sells your data to.
Example: smart phones
They capture images an videos of rioters that are stamped with a time, date and sometimes location by the GPS assemblage and is then posted onto media assemblage (facebook, youtube)

Compared to 'Big Brother'
• The surveillant assemblage is much better explanation of the contemporary approach of surveillance than ‘Big Brother’ the television show focuses on one specific group of individuals. Big Brother exaggerates the extent of contemporary surveillance, as it gives the ‘players’ absolutely no privacy that have unrealistic rules that they have to adhere by. The surveillant Assemblage still ensures that members of society still have some form of privacy and people are only ‘punished’ if they commit a crime.
Compared to the 'Panopticol' view
Panoptic is showing or seeing the whole view in one point, in other words, people are being watched at some points in time, but do not know when, causing them to adjust their behaviour accordingly. Limits the freedom of expression, but positive due to the fact that citezens will self regulate themselves knowing that they can be caught within seconds.
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The Surveillant Assemblage
Orwell and Foulcault
Orwell stated that not everyone would be prone to these conditions and therefore it would be unfair to society.
Foucault agreed, but extended saying that being constantly monitored creates power on those monitoring, like cell mates in jail. He states that the proles that would be excluded were precisely the population that needed it. He describes the surveillant assemblage as something the guides and develops society.
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