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on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Today it is Jorge's birthday. For his birthday Jorge got permission for a Face Book account! U stink! When he got his first couple of followers one of them posted a horrible thing about Jorge. Jorge was very depressed, yet he wanted to tell the person how he felt. There for Jorge did. I didn't like what you said to me
please use your words politely. Jorge felt better that he told the person how he felt.Then he got a new message. It said U can't tell me what to do you big, fat chicken. Jorge started to cry then his mother came in and asked what was wrong. Jorge showed the messages the kid gave him. His mother said,
'' Why don't you un-friend him.'' So, Jorge did. Then vow to only friend people he knew. That is how Jorge solved how he got Cyberbullied.
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