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Mazda by Eric

No description

Tara Ooi

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Mazda by Eric

By Eric Balan Mazda:
Positioning a Product Line Case Synopsis “Zoom-Zoom” Questions Integrated Marketing Communication most commonly known as IMC are tools used to help shape the perception of the product and brand to compete. IMC has a 2 prong approach;
1) on the product specific to the respective target market
2) the organization of the particular product.

For more than three decades, Mazda has been selling cars and trucks in the highly competitive U.S. market.
By advertising [for the various models] and focusing on the prices and functional features of the cars and not so much to the image and positioning.

Mazda needed a change and Doner was hired. A slogan for “Get In. Be Moved.” was soon developed.

Simple but Powerful. Protegé, Their first challenge was to reposition the Protegé, Mazda’s subcompact model for the 1999 model year.
Besides the commercials, a major push on the Internet where ads led visitors to the Protegé section of Mazda’s web site, which was created by CKS Group, Mazda’s interactive agency. This IMC program developed by Doner was highly successful in repositioning the Protegé and attracting younger buyers.

Protegé sales increased 33 percent in the fourth quarter of 1998 and nearly 12 percent in 1999.

The Protegé campaign prompted Mazda to use the “Get In. Be Moved” as it overall branding theme and tagline for various other models’ In 1999 when a new group manager for brand strategy and communications was hired she felt that Mazda’s “Get In. Be Moved” tagline was still a weak in brand position.

With the introduction of “Zoom-Zoom” as a new direction for marketing, Mazda was on a new track.

Advertisements featuring the “Zoom-Zoom” Mazda had also begun incorporating the phrase and music in ads for other models which increased in brand as well as advertising awareness.

The “Zoom-Zoom” message and brand awareness was well integrated into all new Mazda advertising which began carrying a sportier look by 2001. 1.Analyze the role of integrated marketing communications in the marketing of automobiles such as the Mazda Protegé and MAZDA6. How is each IMC element used to market automobiles? Changes In 2002 Mazda introduced the Mazdaspeed Protegé, a high performance version of the Protegé sedan model to extend the appeal of the car from the previous market of young, college-age and professional women. Changes were brewing as Mazda had embarked on a new corporate strategy. Traditionally car buyers had rejected hatchbacks as boring but Mazda were soon repositioning them as sporty and youthful, as well as practical. This Millennial Plan strategy included launching new products i.e. two models on the Protegé platform; the Protegé5 and the Mazdaspeed Protegé. According to Mazda’s vice president of product strategy and development, Mazdaspeed vehicles are the ultimate expression of Mazda performance. Mazda6 : “one of the most important launches in Mazda’s history” since it competes in the mid-size sedan segment of automobile market where most cars sell for $20,000 to $25,000. Mazda’s target customer in this segment is a mid-30s car enthusiast, not to the extreme but lives an active lifestyle It received strong media acclaim including being named one of Car & Driver’s 10 Best Cars after utilizing a heavily integrated communications program promotional strategy. So far, the company had assembled a strong product line with vehicles such as the Tribute SUV, Protegé, and Mazda6 while showing very strong sales.
All of the vehicles featured the “Zoom-Zoom” message.
Sales of the Protegé models rose to 83,367 units in 2002, a 5.9 percent increase over the previous year.
By July 2003 sales of the Mazda6 reached 32,297 units as the new flagship sports sedan was on track to exceed the previous year’s sales of the 626, which it had replaced. In July 2003 Mazda introduced the new RX-8 sports car which had been in development for nearly 10 years and marked the return of the rotary engine.

As Mazda moved forward, the company now faces the issue to ensure that its advertising and other integrated marketing communications programs would continue to work the consumers and support its positioning platform. “Zoom-Zoom” had become part of the brand and a decision had to be made to decide if this image would best serve the company in the highly competitive U.S. automotive market. 2. Evaluate Mazda’s decision to drop the “Get In. Be Moved’ tagline for the Protegé and adopt the “Zoom-Zoom” theme for its advertising. 3. Evaluate the strategy Mazda is using to advertise the new MAZDA6 sports sedan. Do you agree with the decision to use a more mature and less playful approach for the MAZDA6? 4.What recommendations would you make to Mazda regarding its integrated marketing communications strategy as the company moves forward?
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