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Cell Membrane Bubble Lab

No description

Jahari Ennols

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Cell Membrane Bubble Lab

Cell Concept 1
Cell Concept 2
Cell Concept 3
Cell Membrane Bubble Lab
Cell Concept 4
Cell Concept 5
By twisting and turning the bubble frame and it not breaking, it resembles the flexibility of the cell membrane.
By covering your hand in the bubble mix and watching as it slides through the frame without popping the bubble shows how the cell membrane easily repairs itself because of the attraction between phospholipids.
Once the small bubble was blown inside of the bigger bubble it was a model of the phospholipids in the organelle membranes.
When the string was placed on the film and the inside popped it represented the tunnel the channel proteins allow.
When the tunnel of bubbles was briefly seen it represented the passage between the animal cells.
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