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Regina, Saskatchewan

No description

Camryn Shanahan

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina, Saskatchewan
Before I get into many details about Regina I wanted to share some fun facts about Regina:
Regina is the capital city of the Canadian province, Saskatchewan.
In the praises of Regina, they have more than 350,000 hand-planted trees.
Regina's population is currently 198,597 and counting.
In Regina they have researched and approved the fact that Regina will have the population of 500,000 in 50 years from now.
From 2010 - 2013, Regina has the highest cumulative GDP growth rate in Canada at 20.2 per cent over four-years.
Regina has many popular industries, including the following:
major call centers
insurance and data management center
agricultural chemicals and services
oil and gas exploration
Transportation Routes to City
Regina has many transportation routes. The most popular way to get across the city is by using the train or subway, in Regina their most popular transit is the "Regina Transit". One route that I found was most common was, Broad North to Dieppe.
Natural Resources
In Regina natural resources take a very important role of Regina's economy. Oil and gas, potash, sodium sulphate, bentonite, kaolin and other natural resources are found in southeastern and in the south central of Saskatchewan.

Fun Facts
Popular Industries
Landform Region
Regina is the capital of the province, Saskatchewan. it's ecozone
is The Prairies. Most of the major rivers have their origin in the Rockies. These rivers flow east across the ecozone and are fed by rainfall, snowmelt, and glacial runoff at their headwaters.
Vegetation Region
Regina has three natural vegetation regions such as; grassland (located in the south), the boreal forest (which is located in the north), and parkland (which is located in the central). Did you know, the original grasslands of Saskatchewan disappeared as settlers arrived and began to farm. In the boreal forest they have a beautiful wildlife that include; many Evergreens and lots of Red Deer.
In Regina they allow all ethnic groups to join their community such as; Asian, African American, and Caucasian. They allow many cultures as well such as; Muslim, Christian, Catholic, and e.c.t. All ethnic groups are welcome in any city or province in Canada.
Places of Interest
In Regina there are many places of interests especially for tourist's. There are lots of central parks in Regina as well like the Victoria Park. There many museums in Regina as well such as; the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and an art gallery called, Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery. And places for entertainment such as; the Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field and the Brandt Centre. All of these places of interests are good for families and tourists who are just looking to have a good time.
The climate in Regina is very similar to Ontario. The average climate by hot and cold is:
summer: 23°C or 73°F
winter: -11°C or 12° F
snowfall: 116 cm (46 inches) (average)
rainfall: 388 mm (15.3 inches) (average)

Ethnic Groups
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