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Hip Hop Lecture

No description

Virginia Lamothe

on 14 November 2018

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Transcript of Hip Hop Lecture

Hip Hop
wHAT Are the Five Elements of hip hop?
Hip hOP's Founding fathers
The First Commercial Hip Hop
Hip hop Today
Women in HIP HOP
GAngsta Rap

How It All Began
Don't Let This Happen To You !
Native Tongues Posse
Russell Simmons
Rick Rubin
Homework Question #1:
Where did Hip Hop begin? What were some of the contributing factors to the beginnings of Hip Hop? Who were Cindy are Clive Campbell?
Homework Question #2:
What are the Five Elements of Hip Hop culture?
Homework Question #3:
How did Def Jam make Hip Hop commercially successful outside of the Bronx?
Describe the careers of two Def Jam artists or groups.
Homework Question #4:
How was the sound of Gangsta Rap different from the rap music heard previously on the East Coast? (hint: what types of music did they sample that were less frequently sampled in East Coast rap?).
Homework Question #5:
Why do you think it has traditionally been more difficult for women to break into the Hip Hop genre than men? Why do you think there fewer women DJ's?
Homework Question 6:
Where do you predict Hip Hop is going as a style? How is the sound of Hip Hop today different from that of the 1980s or 1990s? Does Hip Hop have a "shelf life" in the music industry? Who are some of your favorite current Hip Hop artists?
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