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Conference and Event Services

No description

Ashley DeCosta

on 25 January 2017

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Transcript of Conference and Event Services

What does
stand for?

Event Coordinators
: Alexis, Kaitlyn, Kelly, Kelsey

What is an

: The department, office, or student group

Service Provider
: Departments that CESO works with to arrange event resources

: Any items that service providers need to add to the space or event

What does
stand for?

is the printout of your Confirmed Meeting or Tentative Event
CESO Mission
The BSU Conference and Event Services Office (CESO) follows University priorities to plan, support, and execute meetings, events and programs on campus. A one-stop operation, CESO coordinates the efforts of University support areas on behalf of event sponsors. CESO provides a high level of customer service to event sponsors while managing limited space and other resources in service of the University mission.

Steps to Event Process
1. Sponsor develops the program idea

2. Sponsor submits reservation [SPA if it is a student group] through Virtual EMS

3. Event Coordinator is assigned event and begins to work on it.
Program Idea
We ask sponsors to try to visualize their event when they start planning. They should decide in advance the “Who, What, When and Where” of their program.

CESO encourages sponsors to consider the following questions when they start to plan their programs…
What is the purpose or goal for the event?
Who will attend? How many are expected?
When will this demographic be available to attend?
Where is the best location to hold this program?

Reservation is submitted through VEMS
Simple Meeting
Simple meetings are automatically confirmed!

Event With Resources or
Resource Only
Our Reservationist Donna, and her staff work to meet the sponsor’s space requests.

Donna and her staff send an email confirmation with tentative event information to the sponsor, once they have reviewed that there is enough setup and take down time the check to see if the resources requested are available.

At this point, the room is guaranteed and the resources are assigned on an availability basis.

The tentative confirmation is reviewed by Lindsey, our Assistant Director, and the event is assigned to the appropriate Event Coordinator.

The Event Coordinator decides what events they will keep, and which will be assigned out to EP’s.

Reservations with RESOURCES qualify as EVENTS (not simple meetings).

The Event Coordinator or Event Planner will view the EMS confirmation. They will proceed to contact the sponsor regarding the program and ask specific questions about the event.

When contacting the Sponsor, Coordinators and EPs should ask the following questions:
Have any details changed since the reservation was placed?
Do they need catering?
Do they need technology?
Do they need a room set up?
Do they need parking signs or directional signs?

Event Accomplished!
The Life of an Event
Conference and Event Services
Conference and
Event Services
Event Planner
Event Management
They go to the CESO website.

They click on “Event Reservation Request”.

The sponsor will login to VEMS and select which online form meets the needs of their event.
Simple Meeting
Event with Resources
Resource Only

We ask that they fill out the online form as completely as possible. They should feel free to utilize the last information box to detail any specifics that the main form did not cover.

We ask that they review the form before hitting the “Submit” button.

CESO... One Stop Shop
Each Sponsor (Department/Student Group/Office) is assigned to one, dedicated Event Coordinator for consistency and the convenience of the sponsor.

The Event Coordinator or EP will work closely with all of the Service Providers to complete the event.


contact Service Providers directly for any reason!

What is a Resource?
A resource is any item that the event coordinator needs to add to a space or event. Resources come directly from the service providers.

Resources are assigned based on availability on a first come, first serve basis.

Some common resources include:
Parking requests/passes
Parking signs
Details (police, parking, facilities)
Table cloths
Shuttle Service

CESO Service Providers
Athletics (Glen)
Campus Police (Cpt. Froio/ D.C. Andersen)
Catering (Angela/Molly)
Operations Crew (Shawn)
Connect Card and Parking Office (Sue/Maureen/ Michelle)
Facilities [Maintainers, Grounds, Electricians,HVAC] (Lee Ann)
Event Technology (Warren)
Production Audio & Lighting Services (Mark Johnson)

CESO works with the sponsor and we determine what services will be required based on the needs of the event.

What next?
The Event Coordinator or EP will follow up with the service providers to confirm the event’s resource requests. They will update the EMS confirmation accordingly to reflect resource needs, change event status to “sent to service providers” and email the service providers an updated copy.

The Event Coordinator or EP will relay any questions that the Service Providers may have back to the Sponsors for clarification.

We ask that sponsors update CESO as soon as possible with any changes to the event resource needs. We do our best to accommodate these changes based on resource availability and feasibility, but sometimes changes are not possible. Please be mindful of turn around time and staffing issues that the Service Providers may run into.

Day of Event Coverage
CESO staff covers or “checks on” all events with resources in order to ensure the accuracy of the setup and resources. They should check in 60-30min prior to the pre-event or event start time.

Each EP will provide a coverage card to the sponsor with contact information.

Event coverage allows CESO staff to troubleshoot any unforeseen issues that may arise.

Providing ample coverage and customer service will allow for smooth and successful events.

Final Review of Process
Virtual Event Management System
Sponsor fills in basic criteria to find out what spaces are available.
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