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5 Themes of Toronto

5 Themes of Geography...

Alessandro Montelli

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of 5 Themes of Toronto

By: Alessandro Montelli 5 Themes of Geography
TORONTO Location Describes where something is. Absolute Latitude: 45°
Longitude: 80° A specific description. Relative A general description of where a place lies. Toronto is in the south-central part of the province of Ontario, sitting at the tip of Lake Ontario, the most eastern of the Great Lakes. CN Tower, Royal Bank Plaza, Royal Ontario Museum, Hokey Hall of Fame, Rogers Centre, etc. Place Buses work with electricity instead of fuels, which helps to keep clean the atmosphere. Human Environment Interaction Is what makes a site unique. People is careful about throwing garbage on the floor, avoiding pollution. How people and the physical environment affect each other. Movement How and why people, things, and ideas move. Transportation: trolley buses, Toronto Pearson International Airport. Festivities: Halloween, Christmas, Canada Day, Thanksgiving. Export: Petrolium, Aluminiun, Lumber, Plastics, etc.
Import: Iron, Steel, etc. Region AREAS WITH SAME CHARACTERISTICS. Toronto is Humid Continental. * Long, cold winters. * Short, lukewarm summers. Vegetation: Mostly Oak and Maple trees, some Dogwoods as well.
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