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Insurance Underwriters

The Wonderful World of Underwriting.

Ryan Tyler

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Insurance Underwriters

Underwriters In Layman's terms
As a group, we decide what to insure and for how much. What I do Work Environment Comfortable offices :) Education and Training Bachelor's degree or Strong skills associated with underwriting. Earnings Aroundabouts $59,290 Outlook Only slow growth is expected in the coming decade. New software limits underwriting career paths. Fun Facts The approximate job change is 6,000 jobs between 2010-2020 We make an average of $28.51 an hour Pictures thanks to Google images. Information thanks to http://bls.gov/ooh/business-and-financial/insurance-underwriters.htm Special thanks to my co-creator Lyssa This presentation was also brought to you by Ryan C. Tyler
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