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Missing May

Novel Analysis

Ethan Owens

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Missing May

Missing May By: Cynthia Rylant Ethan Owens
6-Black Genre Realistic Fiction Setting The setting of Missing May is in Deep Water, West Virginia. Main Characters Summer
Cletus Summer Summer is a 12 year old girl who is scared of her uncle Ob dieing. She also knows love when she sees it. She has the mind of an old woman. Fayette
County Ob Ob is an old man that can't let go of his wife's death. Ob was an artist with his whirligigs. He had little hair. He is willing to do anything to get May back. Cletus Cletus was a collector he caries a beat up vinyl suit case. He had shaggy long greasy hair. He has older parents and he thinks that he can contact the dead. Plot The plot of the book missing May is,Summer gets taken to live with her family because her mom and dad die in a flood. Nobody wants to take care of Summer and her aunt May and her uncle Ob takes her in to live with them. May dies years later and Ob and Summer are heart broken. One day they meet a young man named Cletus. Cletus, is the one who brought life back into Ob. Ob and Cletus think they can contact May. So they go to putinam county. The go to this women called the bat lady.
It turns out that she can't contact May for them. So they go and stop at the capitol of West Virginia. Then Ob finally finds out that he can live without May. Conflict The conflict of the story is that May has died and Ob can't find anything in life. He feels like he can't live without May. Climax The climax of missing May is when Ob travels so far to find that he can't get May back. On the way back, when you think that he's going to pass the capitol he turns around. Conclusion/Resolution The resolution of Missing May is that Cletus comes and gives life back into him. Recommendation On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give this book an 8. I would give it an 8 because it is a little to dark and painful. But I recommend this book. Theme Te theme of Missing May is to live on and deal with your problems, you must make your life as full as it could ever be.
Example, OB felt he could not live without May but he did for summer. 10 Similes 1. It looked to me the first time, like a toy that God had been playing with and accidentally drooped out of heaven. 2/3. I felt like a magical little girl, a chosen little girl,like
Alice who has fallen into Wonderland. 4. But I felt like one of those little mice who has to figure out the right button to push before its food will drop down into the cup. 5. I was like a homework assignment somebody was always having to do. 6. There was real glass bottles of Coke looking cold as ice, 7. Her garden was as practical as anyone else's. 8. She felt like she did when she was packing up to go to Ohio. 9. I searched for topics that have generally intrested both of us before, like weather or not we should get a dog and did we think that young guy from the hardware was drunk or had a speech problem. 10. Ob always said cussing was like a strong drink of whiskey. Metaphors Personification 1/2. Home was, still is, a rusty old trailer stuck on the face of a mountain in Deep Water, in the heart of Fayette County. 1. They were the mysteries. 4. they were grounded to a branch from an oak tree and this, he said, Was her power. 5. Whirligigs of Fire and Dreams, glistening Coke bottles and chocolate milk bottles to greet me. Imagery 1. But Aunt May gardened, and when she said it your mind would see some lovely person in a yellow-flowered hat snipping soft pink roses, little robins landing on her shoulders.
2. It was an old photograph, fading away like a dawn that leaves you little by little and it was a child.
3. I keep running through that garden over and over, finding the poor thing and felling my heart freeze up just like it did that day.
4. How you can see in someone's face that he feels completely safe, and ful of power and love, and suddenly things between you become so easy.
5. She was small and tight and dry, just like her house, but with a shine that attracted me. She shook my hand, and her thin cool fingers felt like twigs that could be snapped in a minute. 6. It was a reliable garden, and friendly, and both Ob and me finally thought it right that May should have flown up out of her body right there in that friendly garden, among all those cheerful vegetables ... 7. It was the look that always announced he'd gotten some kind of revelation. 2. She was a big a big barrel of nothing but love.
3.I was certain the boy was a flat-out lunatic.
4. Summer you are the best little girl I ever did know.
5. I took the La-Z-Boy. wondering to myself whether Cletus wasn't just some alien pretending to be a human life.
6. It sat far back from the road in a clump of pine trees and to a child might have been the house where Goldilocks meet the three bears.
7.This was a different boy, and I knew, even before I set on foot inside his house, that here in this place, he was a much loved boy.
8. Mrs. Underwood looked to be made of dried-out apples.
9. He was a stooped-over little man with a long grey beard. A little elf.
10. We were this majestic, elegant thing sitting solid, sparkling in the light. 3. It isn't fear that this bitter February darkness starts working up in my stomach. 8. And if Ob does go, goes of to be with May, then it'll be just me and the whirligigs left. And all of us still as night, praying for wings, real wings, so we can fly away. 9. The only time we lifted our eyes from Cletus's suitcase was when Ob wanted to watch those two Barbie and Ken dolls dance the tango.
10. All our stories took a sharp turn because what happened that next day ... Vocabulary 1.Whirligigs- yard decorations that spin 2. Valiant- brand of car 3. Glistening- shine 4. Spirtualistic- religious 5.Petticoats- women's underwear 6.Enthraled- to be captive 7.surreal- unreal to good to be ture 8. Berearement- grief 9. Delirum- violent exitment emotion
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