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North Korea

No description

jung junhee

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of North Korea

Overall understanding of
South & North Korea


On both sides
The result of a once united country,
now split in Two.
It all stated here.
Japan took over Korea in the colonial age.
Japan harshly ruled over Korea. They did whatever they could to serve their emperor.
After 29 Years
Then, The World War Ⅱ began.
The war broke out throughout the world.
Germany started it, but other countries got involved.
In August of 1945, the war had ended. As a result, Japan lost Korea.
This picture shows Japanese withdrawal from Korea.
The Korean people were so happy.
They got their own country back.
It didn't last long though. Unfortunately, Korea had
no military force.
That leads them to...
The soviet union
Soviet Union came through the north part of korea.
The united states went through the south.
They met at what they call the 38th parallel.
Each side of Korea was under protection, but by different nations.
That led to disagreements.
All the Korean people hoped they would have an independent single country that has freedom and it's own government.
But, what they got was...
Korean war
These two maps show the plan for attack from North Korea.
This picture show a wounded American solider
who got hurt while fighting Chinese.
The North Korea with some helps from the Soviet Union and China pushed the South Korea and U.S forces back to almost the southern peninsula.
After some time, more American forces and United Nations arrived to help. With their help, South Korea pushed North Korea almost to China.
Both sides kept sending in more reinforcements.
It worked out near the 38th parallel.
They kept on fighting, but without getting any farther in to the other side, they made up a cease fire truce. The war went until 1953.
Here is the difference.
The truce that was made in 1953 is still in effect.
The two Korean nations are not at war, but do not have peace with each other.
After, North Korea has made signs of war.
Throughout time, the south Korean economy became one of the fastest growing world wide.
North Korea got worse and worse.
So far, I have talked about why
the Korean peninsula was separated.
Next, I am going to talk about
South and North Korea of today.
South Korea is officially known as the Republic of Korea.
Korea is well integrated with the world economically, socially, and politically
and has completely industrialized with very high living standards.
It is very densely populated with around 50 million people.
Seoul is the capital city of South Korea (about 9.8 million)
South Korea is a presidential republic with a similar government structure like the U.S.
South Korea's industry today is mostly focused on technology and entertainment
which has spread around the world like k-pop, movies, Samsung, LG, Hyundai,etc.

North Korea is definitely isolated and separated from the modern world.
Their current leader is Kim Jung Eun and he rules from a communist dictatorship.
Their government is totalitarian .
While the government, officials, and the elites live in luxury,
the common people live in poverty.
The North Korean people must totally devote themselves for the government.
The government controls all communications, so that the people don't know anything about outside North Korea so nobody protests against the government.
North Korea is known to be threatening world by constant nuclear experimentation.
North Korea failed to industrialize, this failure led them to economic poverty.
Their obsessive concentration on building up their military advancements finally start to show its result as they start to launch nuclear missiles.
The economic gap between South Korea and North Korea is growing larger dramatically.
Concluding the presentation...

Many of things that happened during Korean history has dramatically changed some people's lives.
I think it is important to know what these people went through and I hope this presentation has shown that.
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