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Paraphrasing and Summarizing

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Kim Robinson

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Paraphrasing and Summarizing

Paraphrasing When you paraphrase, you restate ideas from a text in your own words. Paraphrasing will help you better understand difficult vocabulary and complex texts. A paraphrase should be about the same length as the original source
should contain simple language
should contain all of the source's significant information Paraphrasing does not mean simply deleting or rearranging the words!
The original sentence:
“Until recently, criminologists could not afford to analyze DNA evidence for all homicide cases.”

An effective paraphrase of this sentence:

“Crime labs now can use DNA for all murder cases.” In Order to Paraphrase . . . ... the student must read and understand the original text
identify how the information will be useful in supporting the topic
state the information in a new way, using your own words
use words that are appropriate to your audience
state the information in a manner that shows you are knowledgeable about the topic When you summarize, you restate the main idea
a summary should only include information that appears in the original text
a summary is written in your own words
a summary is shorter than the original text Summarizing Read this paragraph "By stabilizing the river's banks, the dam not only rescued Egyptian agriculture from historic cycles of flood and drought, but enabled extensive urban development along the shore." Here is a summary of the previous paragraph... The dam protected Egypt's agriculture and made urban development possible. Remember - Read the following example of paraphrasing. Nicholas Gage was born in Greece where he experienced the terrible effects of a civil war. His mother was murdered after trying to protect her children. Gage moved to the US to be with his father and sisters; soon he started school. He had another terrible experience because he did not know very much English. While attending high school one of his teachers, Miss Hurd, told him that he had to write about his Greek past. He hated even thinking about his past; he just wanted to leave it behind him. He wrote it anyways and found it to be a great experience. He learned a lot about himself and his past. Miss Hurd had the essay printed in the school newspaper. She also secretly sent the essay to a writing contest, and he won first place. He soon fell in love with writing and worked to become a journalist. Miss Hurd continued to play an important role in his life; he will never forget the teacher who changed his life! Read this summary from "The Teacher Who Changed My Life" Do you get the idea?
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