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Mese verde vs. Vail Park

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on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of Mese verde vs. Vail Park

Mese verde park location and people
Mese verde park is right off of highway 160,co 81330. there are jobs for lots of people: tourists, hotel owners, veley people, etc.
Vail's locaton and people
Vail is located deep into the mountains.The people involved are the ski lift operators, ski/snowboard instuctors, hotel owners, chefs, etc.
geography in vail
In vail there are mountains, hills, rocks, dirt, lots of snow, tons of trees, etc.
The ute indians unhabited the gore creek valley long before the whites. The valley offered them a cool summer retreat. They called it the shining mountains.
vail vs mese verde natonal park
On June 29, 1906 theodore roosevelt established this park to preseve the man
In mese verde park there are trees, rocks, caves, mountains, etc.
Mese verde natonal park is different from vail because in vail you usully go skiing. In mese verde park you don't ski.They are alike because they both are services for the people.
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