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Singular Possessive Nouns!

No description

Jenny Parson

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Singular Possessive Nouns!

Singular Possessive Nouns! Today we are exploring.... An object, person, place, animal, thing, or idea that has
or owns something. A Possessive Noun is... A noun that names only one or is only one/singular A Singular noun is....... Let's do another example together.... Annie has black hair. Now, let's think about what Annie "owns" Annie's hair is black. WhY?! Because Annie owns her hair and you put an " 's" at the end of Annie to show possession! Another example would be... Thomas has a blue pen. This one is tricky! Thomas already ends in an "s" so what happens now?! Thomas' pen is blue. Now let's play around with our own nouns! Sooo to show possession we would say Omia's notes.

She "owns" her notes and an apostrophe s after her name! Omia has notes about nouns To show ownership again what must we add? Gage's football. What do we do to Lucas name now?? Lucas has on tennis shoes. Lucas is showing ownership to his tennis shoes. Lucas' tennis shoes. We need to add an apostrophe s ('s) to show that it is Gage's football!
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