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How to Make a Presentation (Prezi)

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Kenny Nguyen

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of How to Make a Presentation (Prezi)

How to Make a Presentation (Prezi)
by Kenny Nguyen and Anthony Nguyen

Seriously, click it.
For those of us feeling creative
Don't worry!
It's not that hard!
Let's do these down here, first.
This is pretty self explanatory, right?
(Frame = Slide)
Here is where you can do
stuff like drag where you
want your slides and other
things with the help of
a right-click!
You can choose what objects
to animate by clicking the stars.
They go in numerical order, but
the only effect I'm able to use is
fade-in so far.
You could probably make backgrounds
relating to your Prezi here, but it seems
like a lot of work, so I'll just leave the background as it is.
Those all
make frames
where you can
focus on something.
Like this!
Draws arrows
Draws lines
upload or search images!
Then drag and drop
Upload music.
It plays from the
beginning & loops.
Upload music/sfx.
Plays from selected slide.
Import videos, PDFs, or Powerpoint
slides by uploading them.

Take prezi slides
you've added
to your collection
and put them in your presentation.
Changes your theme
if you are unsatisfied
with it.
Things to remember when making a good presentation
Bullet points = bad.
When you use bullet points,
Use images that convey your message rather than text!
Presentations are meant to be a helping tool, not endless amounts of text that leads to this!
Lastly, make your presentation fun!
A presentation is supposed to catch the attention of the audience. If it is
then your audience
will stop paying
attention because
they're so bored.
I hope this is you by the end of this presentation!
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