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The Fundamental Five-Lesson Frames

No description

Heather Brooks

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of The Fundamental Five-Lesson Frames

We will review lesson frame components and identify misconceptions.

I will explain the components of a lesson frame and give a good example of a lesson frame to my elbow partner.
Review what we learned about lesson frames during the last staff development.
FSGPT- Describe to your partner what you think each of these components mean.
Component 1
objective comes from the TEKS. What will we be learning today and what process will we use to learn it?
Example: We will construct circle graphs.
Component 2
question or task is how the student shows they learned the material in the last few minutes of class.
Example: I will tell my partner why I have to rename a mixed number.

The We will and I will statements are the activity we are doing today.

The We will and I will statements should include all the words from the TEKS.

The We will and I will statements are the agenda or instructions for the day.
Let's look at some examples. Do these lesson frames have both components?
We will complete Rome booklet and discuss fall of Rome
I will create a letter to the Roman Emperor

We will review reading strategies and unit 1 test
I will apply my knowledge and skills by playing the game of jeopardy

Think: Is the We will statement a learning goal? Is the I will statement a closing act?
What component do these lesson frames need to correct?
We will explore why Spanish American War and US Expansionism moved the US into position of World Power
I will create a graphic organizer covering the causes of the Spanish American War

We will explore isotopes and average atomic mass
I will calculate average atomic mass and develop a full lab report

FSGPT: Turn to an elbow partner and explain one misconception that has been cleared up or that you still have.
Critical Writing: On your note card, re-write
of these lesson frames to include both components (a learning goal and closing task).
We will discuss and analyze different traits that make up a person’s culture
I will be able to evaluate how important culture traits are to different groups

We will work to better our grammatical skills and vocabulary
I will analyze and create analogies and compound sentences

Let's look at a few more good examples. How do these compare to the one you wrote?
We will create and evaluate a picture of the Pythagorean Theorem.
I will explain the relationship between right triangles and the PT to my partner.
We will explore mass, weight, and Newton’s second law of motion and practice force diagram
I will explain how to calculate force and mass of an object on my exit ticket

Help! Mine still need work!
Quick Tips:
Use the TEKS to ensure correct rigor
Use FSGPT and Critical Writing as a closing task
Use words the kids use and sprinkle in words you WANT them to use
Remember, there are three steps to implement the lesson frame.

Write the lesson frame
-- Collaborate with colleagues to ensure both components of the lesson frame exist.
Post the lesson frame
-- Write the lesson frame where all kids can read it.
Do the lesson frame
-- Stay focused. Close the lesson.
Critical Writing: Think of either a recent lesson or upcoming lesson you will teach. Write a sample I will and We will statement on the other side of your note card.

Share the example with a partner and explain how it contains both components (a learning goal and closing task).
Start with your Learning Objective.
Then Close the Lesson.
I will

I will share/write how ___ is similar/different to ___.
I will summarize the most important thing I learned about ____.
I will create a newspaper headline that best explains ___.
More samples...
I will share how I know ____ is ___.
I will share/write the ways ____ connects to ____.
I will write the steps to ____.

In a group of 2-4, edit the lesson frames on the handout.

Is there a
objective in the We will statement?
Is there a
task in the I will statement?
Is the lesson frame kid-friendly?
I will ideas for adaptations:
6-word summary
1 minute fast talk with partner
State the rules/process for...
Write a two-line rap/rhyme
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