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“Twenty years gone and I’m back again” and “Argus”

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Gabriella Honeywell

on 29 May 2014

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Transcript of “Twenty years gone and I’m back again” and “Argus”

“Twenty Years Gone and I’m Back Again” and “Argus”
The Odysseus Journey
Greek Mythology
Figurative Language
Works Cited
Prentice Hall Literature. Homer. The Odyssey. Print.
By: Katelyn, Kaya and Gabriella
Part II: Initiation
• Consists of:
○ Challenges or trials
When Odysseus returns home, he hears about the suitors that are trying to win the attention/ affection of his wife, Penelope.
○ Supernatural Helper or Mentor
The supernatural helper/ mentor to Odysseus was Athena.
○ The Transformation
Athena helped Odysseus by disguising him as an old man.

Part III: Return
• Consists of:
○ The Return Home
Odysseus returned to Ithaca.


Odysseus returns to his son Telemachus. He warns him of the many who are against him. He is wary of who he trusts. His trust in his own wife is even weakened! He warns Telemachus to not say anything to those who ridicule him. His trust relies only in his son.
"Twenty Years Gone and I'm Back Again"
1. Imagery
2. Epithet
3. Simile
1. “…From the air she walked, taking the form of a tall woman, handsome and clever at her craft”
2. “Clearheaded Telemachus”
3. “…Cries burst from both as keen and fluttering as those of the great taloned hawk.”
Argus is an old dog trained as a pup by Odysseus. He used to be active in hunts with other masters. He has since been deserted amongst garbage by the servants who no longer care for him. Once Odysseus returns, Argus is able to see his master one last time before he dies.
Wary of who he can trust
Suitors desire his wife Penelope
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