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How to curl your Hair.

No description

taylor unknown

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of How to curl your Hair.

How to Curl your Hair. Do you want fabulous curls like celebritys ? Then follow these simple steps to get your hair exactly like thiers ! Step 1:
Set your curler to the temperature
you requier. ( if you dont know ,
try medium ) Step 2:
Let your curler heat up for about a minute. step 3:
Grab some of your hair and
clip it up so you can curl the under-neath first. step 4:
Take a couple peices of hair
and wrap them around the curler
and keep them there for about 40 seconds. Step 5:
After 40 seconds un-roll
your hair from the curlers and repeat with all your hair untill done. Step 6:
Then unclip all of your hair from the top and start curling again ! Step 7:
By now all your hair should
be curled. :D Step 8:
If you want you can spray
your hair with hair spray,
just to keep in the curls longer. If you followed the steps right , you should
have awesome curls. - A curling iron. - A hair clip/ tie. - Hair spray ( only if you want ) . - And a hair brush. You will need : I hope these steps helped you to make your hair look like a celebrity's! :) By: Taylor Blackwood
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