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The Media

No description

Kelsey Glatt

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of The Media

The Media Support:
1. The media can influence Teenagers to become violent.
2. Teens learn that drinking and smoking is fun and is acceptable.
3. There are 20 to 25 violent acts are in childrens programs.
4. Studies show that third graders that have tv's in there rooms do bad on there homework.
5. There is a greater chance to become obese when you eat and watch tv because you tend to eat more.
6. Children 12 and under convince there parents to spend over $500 million dollars a year because of advertisements.
7. The media shows girls that it is more important how they look more than what they do.
8. 50% of commercials talk about girls and there physical appearance.
1. Some media media can be educational not all are bad.
2. Media is used for informing us on news, sports, weather etc.
3. Studies show that third graders who have computers in there rooms do better than other students that dont have computers in there rooms. Stance:
I am against the media because the majority of the media has a bad influnce on young adults and children.
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