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No description

Cameran Rush

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of chile

Arts and Culture The founder of chile,Bernardo O'Higgins, mounted on a horse Graffiti Tortilla art Food Deep-Fried Conger Eel Flat round Pastry covered in
chocolate and filled with jelly Hot dog with avocados, tomatos,
and mayonnaise.

Outdoor Recreation Historic sites
The capital of chile has 5 million people. So they have many modern
hotels and resturaunts.

They have skin diving and
scuba diving. Surfing started when ship drivers
had to surf the products
and other stuff to shore. In chile people can wind
surf in seas and lakes. The Incas fought here
against the Mapuche.
The Incas lost the battle. The president of
chile lives here. This is an antique
silver smelting facility. CHILE
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