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A Budget Won't Cut It

Lindsey Nguyen P.1 Stone

Lindsey Nguyen

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of A Budget Won't Cut It

0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c School districts decided to use the funding for the gifted program for any educational purpose as opposed to just the GT program. The money can be used for anything as long as it is educational. With the money that the gifted program currently possesses, losing more money will make the program‘s quality fall. Schools take the money to recover from budget deficits. Many schools use this method to recover from budget problems no matter how unfair it is to GT students. 68 percent of districts tested had taken money away from gifted students since lawmakers approved the law The gifted program is receiving a fraction of what Special Education receives. Special Education is granted with the amount of eight billion dollars of funding while GT is served with only eight hundred million dollars. Programs for Special Education are always funded with properly because their program is always accounted for. If Special Education programs are cheated off their money drastically, the quality of their programs would drop and the troubled students would have a lack in proper education. Although, when the GT program does not receive the proper amount of funding, people don’t think that they need to be treated special due to how students are talented at academics. They think that students can survive without special teachings and challenges. The gifted program has a high possibility of being shut down. It is suffering from budget cuts because the government is cutting down on the funding for the program. The gifted program has been losing money for senseless reasons and the current amount of money being given is little to what is expected. Because the funding for GT is being used for other school purposes and Special Education is receiving a lot more money than GT, the GT program should receive more funding. In addition, without GT, when students are in normal classes the “No child left behind” act will cause the classes to slow down for troubled children, which doesn’t meet the needs of GT students. Budget problems, combined with the act the No Child Left Behind Act focuses on improving overall education in public school making G.T. expendable. The “No student left behind act” makes classes slower in order to help troubled students. Gifted students wouldn’t be able to learn correctly under those conditions. A teacher will help the troubled students as oppose to helping GT. Because the students are advanced, teachers ignore the fact that they need to be taught in challenging ways that isn’t slow and long. Slowing down the learning capabilities of gifted students also slow down how much education they receive. Gifted students can grasp ideas quickly, if they don’t learn the way they’re supposed to it makes their talents useless. There are some hard workers in normal classes that are having higher averages than GT students. If the program is to be terminated and gifted students go to normal classes, people think that it would be better for budget cuts and schools. More Money for G.T.!!! A Budget Won't Cut It By: Lindsey Nguyen
P.1/Stone Due:5/13/12 Public schools jumped on the measure when they heard that the law was passed. The law was accepted because it gave schools control over what they spend money on. Although that was what the law was intended on doing, it only caused more trouble because schools are cutting off expenses for the gifted program entirely. Schools don’t understand the needs of gifted students. They take them for granted and think that they don’t need to be treated any different than normal students. Other programs such as Special Education are receiving much more money than the gifted program even if schools weren’t taking money from the budget. $$$$$ G.T. Special
Education Special
Education G.T. This is how GT is like a form of special education. Gifted and talented education is a kind of special education for people who fall on the opposite end of the spectrum. Gifted students need to be taught a special way which consists of constantly being challenged. Special Education students need to be taught a certain way too, things need to be broken down for them. Teachers ignore that GT needs to be treated like a special education student when being taught. If the GT program is terminated and those students have to participate in normal classes, gifted students would be mistreated. They would be unable to learn subjects correctly. Some schools are finding that the gifted program is a waste of time due to how some students in regular classes are performing better in academics than GT students. Even though that is the case, some students work better than others, and some students are just not showing their full potential. This means that possibly GT students may not be getting gifted grades but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be taught a special way. They were accepted into the GT program so they should be treated as so. GT GT students should receive more funding because the program is not receiving the rightful amount of money it deserves. Schools are using the funding for GT for its own use. Not only is the gifted program suffering from a shortage of money but it is only getting about one tenth of what Special Education is receiving for funding. Also, if GT is shut down, talented students won’t have an advanced education to fall back on and kids would have to go to normal classes. The gifted program has a possibility to be shut down by the government due to a shortage of money for normal schools but, normal schools are already taking money from the GT budget. The gifted program’s quality is falling without its funding and it affects the students. The students are constantly challenged but without the GT advancement classes nothing can challenge them. That is also why taking away the program and putting kids into normal classes is not a positive idea. Gifted students need to be treated like any other student. They should be rated by their intelligence and the way their brain works. They need to be taught, cared for, and accounted for. Each student is an individual and should be taught by the level of their minds, not by how much money is in the budget. Content and Prezi
Made By:Lindsey Nguyen

Thank You For Watching!
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