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Sightseeing around London

Sights of London

Galina Rudnik

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Sightseeing around London

London It is very popular with tourists. I was there 2 years ago. And I want to share my impressions with you. There are so many interesting places to visit in London. London is the capital
of the United Kingdom
of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland We may take a boat tour along the river Thames. The next we may choose a double-decker
and view the city from the top deck of the bus. But the best way
to learn London
is walking. While walking along the streets you can see a mixture of old
and new buildings. You will see different kinds of typical English houses:
blocks of flats, terraced houses, skyscrapers... And of course,
you will notice
famous red
telephone booths
and red mail boxes.
This one is
for Queen's mail. And you can watch traditional old black taxi cabs
and red double-deckers running along the streets. Let's start at Westminster Bridge and see The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben from the river. As you sail down the river you'll see old and new buildings,
historical St. Paul Cathedral and skyscrapers. During our trip the weather has changed for the better. We can see blue sky and sunshine. It is very usual for London - during a day the weather can change several times.
Now we are going to sail under Millennium Bridge, which was opened on 10 June 2000. This bridge is only for pedestrians. , Not far from Millennium Bridge there is a well-known theatre Globe. It is famous for W. Shakespeare who was an actor and a playwright in Globe 400 hundred years ago. But this building is a modern one. It was built as a copy of the old theatre. Everybody can watch Shakespeare's plays in this theatre. Pubs are very popular with Londoners. After work they meet their friends there, watch football matches on TV, read newspapers, play dominoes.
On the right bank of the Thames there is a very old pub. They say Shakespeare himself had a rest there. This great construction is Tower Bridge Our final stop is at Greenwich. We'll go up the hill
to the Greenwich observatory
where the Zero meridian is. After an excursion and some rest on the green lawns we are coming back to the center of London - Westminster. Now we have a chance to see Big Ben in the evening lights. If we take a bus on the right bank of the Thames, then turning to the Tower Bridge, we can see Big Ben through London Eye. We're crossing Tower Bridge ... and are going round the Tower. We're passing St. Paul Cathedral. The Sherlock Holmes Museum is in the Baker St. It's better to begin walking tour from Piccadilly circus. In the center of the square there is a statue of archer which is often called Eros or Angel of Christian Charity. Trafalgar Square is a must for every tourist in London. There is a National Gallery here and in front of it there
is Nelson Column. Nelson Column. You can see a statue of George IV in front of it. Piccadilly Circus is a busy meeting point and a tourist attraction. It's a starting point for many different excursions round the city. From Trafalgar Square you can see
The Houses of Parliament with Big Ben. Admiralty Arch. The central gate is only for the Queen. On all other occasions it is closed. There are two fountains to the right and to the left of Nelson Column. If you drive through Admiralty Arch you can come to Buckingham Palace with the monument to Queen Victoria. You may enjoy walking in St. James Park which is just near Buckingham Palace and watch the ducks swimming in the pond ... Then we'll turn to Victoria St. and
it will lead us to
Westminster Abby and
the Houses of Parliament
behind it. Walking around London will give you a lot of surprises.
For example, this platform is known from the books about Harry Potter by J. Rowling. Maybe you're a magician and can get through it? Or you can come across a Monument to Animals in War. Do you happen
to know about
Little Ben?
It's a clock too.
It was a gift
from France. ... or feed the squirrel. So you can find lots of things to
do to your likings. Some people
like shopping. Why not visit the
shop Fortnum & Mason where
you can buy everything you need for your tea table? A view from London Eye. So, you see London is worth visiting. The presentation is prepared for the
organised be the site
"Творческая мастреская 'ENGLISH IS MY LIFE'"
by EFL teacher G. I. Rudnik
Novomoskovsk, Russia, 2012 We may take a boat tour down the river Thames. Every day a lot of tourist gather at Buckingham Palace to watch Changing the Guard ceremony. The guard take turns every two days. At that time there was a reconstruction of the Houses. London was getting ready for the Summer Olympic Games. When we pass the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben a view of London Eye will appear in front of you. In fine weather from the top of the wheel one can see almost the whole city. While walking to London Eye we may listen to chime of Big Ben. Londoners are great lovers of pets, animals, nature. Horse riding is still very popular but less than it was a hundred years ago. Camden (Northern part of London) was famous for its Horse Market.
Now it is a usual market place with lots of shops where tourist buy souvenirs. What about doing
a quiz now?
1. What is Globe famous for?

2. What is a hobby of Londoners
which has become less popular?
3. Where do British like to rest
after work?
4. To what animals is there a
monument in London?
5. Why is the central gate of
Admiralty Arch closed? Globe is a theatre where
Shakespeare worked.
Horse riding

in different pubs

to animals in war

because it's only for Queen Answers All the photos and videos are from my personal collection. Thanks for your watching
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