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All about Gymnastics

learn about gymnastics, the 4 basic events, famous gymnasts, and more

Hazel E

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of All about Gymnastics

All About Gymnastics By Hazel Ethier Commitment Strength Perseverance Bravery Are just a few words that describe gymnastics. There are 10 basic levels of competitive gymnastics. Levels 1-3 are the beginner levels. These girls, on average are 4-10 years old. They compete short routines on all 4 events. Level 4 gymnasts are the next highest level. These girls compete slightly longer routines with more difficult skills. This is a level 4 floor routine. Level 5 is the next most difficult level. This level requires the gymnast to do multiple back handsprings, and jump to the high bar. Level 6 is the last level of compulsory. Which is when the gymnasts are given a specific routine to compete. In level 6 the gymnasts now perform a round off back handspring back tuck on the floor, and a back walkover on beam. Levels 7-10 are referred to as optional levels because in these levels the gymnasts may choreograph her own routine on each of the 4 events. However, each of these routines have certain requirements for each level. The 4 basic events. The 4 Gymnastics Events Floor On this event gymnasts dance and tumble to music. Aly Raisman is the current olympic champion on this event. She is from Needham, Massachusetts. Bars This events requires massive upper body strength. This is Nastia Liukin's olympic bar routine. She won olympic all-around in 2008! Vault Vault is a very unique event. Mckayla Marony got second place on vault in the olympics. Beam Beam takes focus and balance. Aly Raisman is also amazing at beam. I am a level 7 at Hampshire Regional YMCA. My favorite event is beam. About Me But I also love floor. The beam is 4 inches wide and around 3 feet high. Gymnasts run at the vault place their hands on the horse and pop off of it. The uneven bars are 2 bars placed around 5 feet away from each other varying in height. Here are some of the skills I've been working on at practice. Front handspring front pike Round off back handspring back layout Thanks for watching... And I hope you learned a thing or two about gymnastics!! This is my floor routine. Here are some of the skills I've been working on at practice.
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