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Pros and Cons of Extracurricular Activities

No description

Mandy Parish

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Pros and Cons of Extracurricular Activities

Cons Pros Looks Good on College and Job Applications More Likely To Attend College Better Grades The Cost Over Scheduling (Kronholz, J., 2012) Shows the applicant is well-rounded
Focused, self-disciplined, and manages
time well
Résumés of first time teachers were ranked
with the highest scores going to those
involved in college activities
The teachers with the highest scores
had the most success with their
students and were more likely to
stay in their job. (Kronholz, J., 2012) The highest test scores tend to belong to those who are most involved

Twice as many students scored in the top quarter on reading and math tests

3 times as many students had a G.P.A. of 3.0 or better (Kronholz, J., 2012) The odds of attending college are 97% higher for students that participate in extracurricular activities for at least 2 years

The odds of completing college are 179% higher for these students (Dagaz, M. C., 2012) Support from other students with similar interest and backgrounds

Emotional connections and trust between student members and adult sponsors

Can alleviate alienation, depression and anxiety

Provides students with a social and personal identity Provide A Source of Social Support (Dagaz, M. C., 2012) (Simoncini, K., & Caltabiono, N., 2012). (Kronholz, J., 2012) Mothers report better behavior

Less likely to cut classes

Police statistics show that juvenile crime peaks between 3:00-6:00
The principal at Whitman High (kids pay a $40 district-wide activities fee) said he would rather increase class size than eliminate activities. “You can cope with an extra kid in your class, but at 2:10” when school lets out and intramural basketball is canceled, “what do they do?”

Students that participate in extracurricular activities are 31% more likely to vote Better Citizens (Kronholz, J., 2012) One estimate says it costs schools as
much for 1 student to play a season of
athletics as it does for 1 semester of
history class.
Athletes can be charged between
$25-$1,500 to participate.
private lessons (Gutiérrez, K. D., Izquierdo, C., & Kremer-Sadlik, T., 2010) (Fredricks, J., 2012) Extracurricular activities can reduce the time children have to spend on leisure and with family.
Focus can shift from academic work to athletics. (Gutiérrez, K. D., Izquierdo, C., & Kremer-Sadlik, T., 2010) Parents
To increase chance of getting into
prestigious colleges. Extrinsic Pressures
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