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Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde Chapter 6-10

No description

Bristol Mendenhall

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde Chapter 6-10

By Bristol
Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde Chapter 6-10

Plot Definition:the events that make up a story, particularly as they relate to one another in a pattern, in a sequence, through cause and effect, how the reader views the story, or simply by coincidence.

Setting Definition:the place or type of surroundings where something is positioned or where an event takes place.

Character Development:the portrayal of people in a work of fiction in such a way that the reader or audience seems to learn more about them as they develop

How they relate:They all relate to each other like the area they are in can cause some events that might not happen anywhere else .Then the plot takes place in the setting and the plot is what is happening there which is events which then can develop the character like lets say the main characters friend died then that might make the main character more vicious as his friend died and he wants revenge

Chapter 6

In this chapter Dr.lanyon has died from illness and he has a funeral ,A bounty has been set on the murderer of sir Danvers Carew which is Mr.Hyde.Then after the funeral Mr.Utterson takes out a letter which is only for Mr.Utterson and is not to be opened until the death of Jekyll or if Jekyll went missing.Mr.Utterson has a curios of whats in side but by his honor he does not open the letter.

2 Settings Lanyons house it said On the 8th of January Utterson had dined at the doctor's with a small party. And Uttersons house and the book said As soon as he got home, Utterson sat down and wrote to Jekyll,

The Character Lanyon Develops to be a dead person.Then the Character Utterson becomes Curious of a letter wrote by Lanyon.

The Character Development of Lanyon becoming sick affects the plot because Lanyon knew he was going to die so a funeral happens because Lanyon dies.The setting affects the plot of the chapter by the act of Utterson going to dine at the doctors he figured out that Lanyon he might have not had those talks later in the chapter

Chapter 7
In this chapter Mr.Einfield and Mr.Utterson are on their usual walk and they stop by Dr.Jekylls House and they step into the Courtyard to find Dr.Jekyll in his house by the windows and he looked Very sad. Then they looked at him and told him that he was better than this and then they ask Dr.Jekyll if he wanted to take a walk but Dr.Jekyll said it would be quite impossible and then Mr.utterson the least I could do is talk.Then Jekyll said that was what he was about to propose. But the words were hardly uttered, before the smile was struck out of his face and succeeded and then the window was slammed closed.Then both of the gentlemen kept walking.

2 Settings:Streets Evidence:on his usual walk with Mr. Enfield, that their way lay once again through the by-street and Courtyard of Jekylls House Evidence:"But if that be so, we may step into the court and take a look at the windows

Character Development:Utterson Seems to become suspicious about Jekylls true relationship between Him and Hyde.Jekyll Seems to lose his relationship between everybody and everything and I would say he's going mad.

Affect Plot:The Setting of the courtyard were Einfield and Utterson are in and Jekyll in the house gives Jekyll the power to just back out of the talk while if Einfield and Utterson were inside Jekyll couldn't back out of the talk as easily.

Chapter 8
One night after dinner Utterson is sitting by his fireplace and Poole Pays him a visit and tells him that there there has been some “foul play” regarding Dr. Jekyll.Poole then takes him to Jekylls house throught the dark deserted streets of London.When they arrive they see all of the Servants which are in the main hall.Then Utterson and Poole head to the door to Jekylls Lab.Poole tells that Utterson has came for a visit and voice replies that sounds nothing like Jekyll.Then both of them retreat to the kitchen were Poole tells him that he knows that is not Jekylls voice.Utterson wonders why the murderer is staying in the crime scene when he could just simply flee.Poole also talks about how the voice has been sending him on constant errands to chemists.Utterson asks whether the notes Poole has received are in the doctor’s hand.But Poole says that he has seen the person in there when he went in their to look for something.Utterson says that he might have a disease that changes his voice and deforms his body.But Poole says that it was shorter than Jekyll and It Looked like Mr.Hyde.Then Utterson Asks two of the sevants to go to the door of the lab that is outside.Once thats done he orders Poole to break down the door.Once inside they find Hyde on the floor by a crushed vial.Hyde appears to have poisoned himself.Then Poole and Utterson search the entire lab to find no trace of Jekyll.Then Utterson go's to Jekylls Business table to find a large envelope with three items that is for Utterson A will,A letter that Utterson reads and figures out that Jekyll is still alive and it also tells Utterson to go home and read the letter that Lanyon gave him earlier.The final object a sealed package.Then Utterson Starts going home to read Lanyons letter.

Settings:Jekylls house"but will you come along with me and see for yourself?" Poole said that,Lab,and Uttersons Home.Mr. Utterson was sitting by his fireside

Character Development:Hyde Dies,Mr.Utterson seems to become fiercer in this chapter because he told Poole to break down the door to the lab and thought of him yelling it

Pllot effected-If Utterson wouldn't have became that fierce he might have not knocked down the door.The setting of having all the servants in the main hall all afraid made it kinda of creepy.
Chapter 9

This Chapter is what Mr.Utterson is reading once he gets back to his house.The Letter first starts talking about how Dr.Lanyon got a letter from Dr.Jekyll instructing him to break into the cabinet or upper room.lanyon is then instructed to take a specific drawer and all of its contents.Then he would take this drawer home and at precisely midnight a man would come.Then at midnight a small man evil looking came who was Mr.Hyde but because Dr.Lanyon has never seen this man he did not reconginize him.The Man did avoid conversation and was only interested in the cabinet.Dr.Lanyon directed it to him.Then Mr.Hyde asked for a graduated glass,Dr.Lanyon of course gave it to him.Then the man mixed all of the contents together and he made a purple potion.Then the man gulped it up and Dr.Jekyll appeared.The Letter ends off and tells that what Jekyll had said was to hard to repeat.

SettingsDr.Lanyons House,The Cabinet

Character Development:Dr.Lanyon learns something disturbing that he can not tell Mr.Utterson.Dr.Jekyll knows that someone knows his secret which is Dr.Lanyon

Plot Affect:The Setting of Midnight gives the plot that creepy feeling.The character Development of of Dr.Jekyll telling Lanyon his secret
This chapter is a transcription of the letter Jekyll left for Utterson.It talks about how which his better side felt transgressions for his darker side.Then it led to him eventually trying to make a potion to solve this problem because he dreamed to split the two sides apart.Then he eventually made a chemical which might cure this.He then drinks the chemical and at first has much pain.But once the symptoms have worn off he felt alive.He was now shrunken deformed Mr.Hyde.The letter talks about how Jekyll actually liked the form he got.Then he eventually got him a home as well a bank account for him.But every time he transformed he felt no guilt at Hyde’s dark exploits, though he did try to right whatever wrongs had been done.It was not until the Murder case that Jekyll took some concern.Then one night while he was sleeping he turned into his darker form Mr.Hyde.Dr.Jekyll knew that he must cease the transformations.But after two months of staying Jekyll he took the potion again and Hyde having that rage built up beat Danver to death.Then later Jekyll had some darker desires-in his real body not Hydes body.But because of this he had another sudden change which took place in a park.He liked the form but he would get arrested as him.He then had to take the potions to keep him from having sudden changes.(It is also why Jekyll slammed the windows shut in chapter 7 because he had a transformation coming on).Then it talks about how the Dr.Jekyll used the last of his drugs to make this letter.Then it ends talking about how he does not know if hyde will kill himself or if he will be hanged.But Jekyll said by the time Utterson reads this he will be dead.

Settings:Jekylls house,Lab

Character Develpoment:In the final chapter the secret about Dr.Jeyll and Mr.Hyde come out such as Dr.Jekyll liked being Mr.Hyde and that's why Mr.Hyde stayed around.In one of the chapters he said that Mr.Hyde will no longer bother anyone thats the point were he stopped becoming Mr.Hyde but after some time he kept taking potions and kept Mr.Hyde a secret.This chapter just sums up all the unusual things that happened top Dr.Jekyll and the city of London.Mr.Hyde is dead and like the book said Dr.Jekyll will be dead.So Mr.Hyde amd Dr.Jekyll are dead I am going guess that Mr.Utterson will go tell the court that Mr.Hyde and Dr.jekyll are dead.He Probably would not tell the court about all the dark things Jekyll did because Jekyll Probably does not want his name to be bad.

Plot affect: Like the chapter said the reason that all the events happened in the book are because of Dr.Jekylls want to cure his dark side.But he ended up losing his dark side but it made Mr.Hyde which caused all of those events.
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