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02.04 Coming To America ​

US History Segment 1

Angel Johnson

on 3 July 2014

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Transcript of 02.04 Coming To America ​

02.04 Coming To America ​
By: Angel Johnson

Hello, which home country are you from?
Hi, I am from
What types of jobs are available for people from Ireland home country?
The jobs would be in working coal mines.​
What will life be like once the immigrants are settled in the United States?
It will be a hard time, but you all will get use to everything in America and enjoy it.
What can immigrants coming to Ireland, expect on their journey to be like?
The Immigrants should expect to be tired on there trip. They will be dirty and hungry and will not have a lot of space for themselves.
What can Ireland immigrants expect immediately upon arrival?​
The immigrants will be tested for any diseases. They will all have a background checks.
Where are immigrants from the home country likely to settle? Why?
All immigrants would move into neighborhoods with people from their country that they will know. The immigrants want everyone they know to stay together.
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