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Student Sport Team (Aug 2016)

No description

Loughborough Sport

on 6 July 2018

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Transcript of Student Sport Team (Aug 2016)

Student Sport Team
Our Vision
'Sporting Experiences so positive they're life shaping'
Inspiring the Next Generation
Playing Sport
Athletic Union
Offer the provision and support for Athletic Union clubs for competitive sport for the membership, to support the membership structure and provide advocacy for these clubs.

To provide a framework for Athletic Union Clubs to create an exceptional competitive sporting experience

Promote the development of students as players, coaches, officials, volunteers and leaders

Student led sport - Sport EO, Athletic Union Intern, Athletic Union Exec & Club Committees

4,500 students participating in 56 Athletic Union clubs

Student Led and Run with some professional support

Competitive Opportunities
My Lifestyle
Most of the Activities and Classes are run by our student volunteers who have become qualified through the coaching and volunteering academy.

Therefore whether you want to try out a sport or lead a session, we have opportunities for you to develop.
Principles of Student Sport
Create a positive student experience
Cost is not a barrier
Developing students & interns
Student run, student led, professionally supported
Entry level to performance
Sport & Physical Activity

Is Sport Important to us?
78% of students cite sport opportunities as a significant reason for applying to study here, 46% as a very significant reason (22% national average)

Sport England HE Sport Participation and Satisfaction Survey 2014/15

Participating and volunteering in university sport has a significant positive impact on employability and income (£7k p.a., increasing to £9k when participation and volunteering are combined)

Sheffield Hallam Sport Industry Research Unit 2013

The most active campus community in the world – a unique environment where “Sport for All” is a reality.

Our students & interns leaving Loughborough equipped to positively impact the sporting industry & their communities.

Winning BUCS year on year!
Success would look like?
Loughborough Sport Facilities
Student Sport Team
Outreach & Recruitment
Equipping our students with the knowledge and expertise to do outreach work with schools and communities in order to demonstrate the impact that sport can make to an individual's life.

Inspiring young people through sport from disadvantaged backgrounds to consider HE as an option.
School Visits
Targeted school visits to the university for hard to reach schools & young people

Loughborough choose sport as
part of their access agreement

Engaging with high achievers

Delivered by current students

Step 1 - Understanding motivations, interests and preferences
Understanding the needs of our students
Development of student archetypes

- Academic Individualists
- Flo-Goer
- Conscientious Carers
- Leading Lights
- Party People
Step 3 – Developing Insights

Using information and knowledge to develop offers that attract and retain participants

Explore and test behaviour change campaigns and techniques
Step 2 – Acquisition of data

Measuring all sport activity at Loughborough

Linking this with other data captured on student activity to obtain a more informed picture.

Reaching new audiences and new participants

Creating an entry level into the Loughborough Sport pathway
Hall, Society, Departmental & Social Sport
Leagues, Knockout Cups & Events in a variety of
traditional & non-traditional sports

Over 2500 unique participants every year

Caters for competitive demand across a range of abilities - from social to highly competitive

Varsity - Durham & Nottingham

Better connectivity with the AU, such as All-stars

Society and Departmental Sport
The Loughborough Sport Pathway
How are we doing?
78% of students participate in sport at Loughborough each week

49% of students participating 3 x 30 minutes per week in sport

60% of students participating 2 x 30 minutes per week in sport

71% of students participating 1 x 30 minutes per week in sport

8% of students volunteer in sport (4% national average)

6,200 young people inspired through school visits and outreach programmes to choose Higher Education

950 students leading sport per week, with an additional 395 students actively volunteering through the CVA

4,500 students participating in Athletic Union sports clubs

2,500 students participating in IMS and competition

Four recreational parks
High Performance Athletics Centre
50m Swimming Pool
Football Stadium
Health & Fitness
My Lifestyle
School Visits
To offer a world-leading experience of sport to all club members

To continue to win BUCS (37 consecutive years currently) & other national competitions

To offer Student unrivaled sporting opportunities

To ensure all clubs are inclusive
Coach & Volunteer Academy (CVA)

‘By 2020 Loughborough Sport will have a strong and sustainable volunteering culture throughout, that enriches the lives of our students, staff & community and is so impactful it is life-shaping’

Developed due to student driven demand for regular competition appropriate to ability levels
Social leagues and regular sports events partnered with social activities e.g beach volleyball & a BBQ
The Athletic Union is the supporting body to help facilitate and support Athletic Union Clubs (This includes helping students to set up sporting clubs if there is a shared student interest)

To support Athletic Union Clubs in offering the highest level of student competition whilst representing Loughborough.

Enable Loughborough University & College students the opportunity to partake in high level sport and potentially compete against other institutions nationwide.

Ensure Students get a fantastic experience of sport at Loughborough and develop sporting habits and friends for life.

Sport Experience Team (SET)
Athletic Union
Student Sport
Student Sport
Sport EO
AU Intern
Sport Senate Vice Chair
IMS Chair
My Lifestyle Chair
CVA Ambassador
Soc Sport Chair
Dept Sport Chair
Performance Sport Chair
Lboro Sport Coordinator
AU Exec
AU Exec Sub
AU Club
Lboro Sport
My Lifestyle Committee
IMS Exec
Dept Sport Committee
Soc Sport Committee
Social League Coordinators

Student Sport Team Structure
Student Sport Senate
Highest student body in sport, chaired by the Sport EO and compromising student chairs/leads from every section, the Sport Rep Co-ordinator and a Vice-Chair who acts in a secretarial capacity.

Represent the views of students and the individual programmes to the rest of the Sport Senate and the Sport Executive Officer.

Responsible for deciding the messages to be driven by the Loughborough Sport Rep Co-ordinator into halls and the new Loughborough Student Sport social media outlets.

Drive student run projects and campaigns across the bandwidth of sport at Loughborough.

Sport EO
AU Intern
Sport Senate Vice Chair
IMS Chair
My Lifestyle Chair
CVA Ambassador
Soc Sport Chair
Dept Sport Chair
Performance Sport Chair
Lboro Sport Activator Chair
Loughborough Sport Activators
Introduced for the first time for 2016-17, they will serve as the primary contact between Loughborough Sport and Halls.

A single Loughborough Sport Activator has been appointed into each Hall. These appointments were made through a combination of the Sport Senate representatives and Hall Chair input.

Tasked with promoting the sporting offer outside of IMS, including but not limited to: AU Big Matches, My Lifestyle Events, CVA strands, Department Society Sport opportunities etc.

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