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Me 2 We 2013

No description

:Dorothy Tang

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Me 2 We 2013

Dorothy Tang Me To We Project 2013 What does the future hold? Intro Why is it important? What is the issue? What can we do to help? Where is it taking place? Thanks for listening! What I think that might happen in the future is that we are going to create new technology to help us be more alert, maybe days ahead because right now if a tornado strikes, we only have so much time to prepare ourselves, and maybe we'll get more information on tornadoes so we can know more about it. Also, the tornado can either occur more often or maybe less... you'll never know. My presentation is on tornadoes. This is a natural disaster created by strong wind currents, forming a funnel shaped cloud. Tornadoes are formed when it is in contact with the surface of the earth and a Cumulonimbus cloud. They are often to be called a twister or a cyclone. Tornadoes are very fast and damaging, but usually not more than 402 km/h, about 250 feet wide. It is very powerful and strong enough to tear buildings and structures down. This has a great impact on people since it can take our lives in a split second... It is important because a tornado isn't something that can be stopped. Before, no one knew the exact date when a tornado would hit but now they found a way where they can have a 10 min warning before it hits. A tornado is violent and can kill or seriously injure somebody. The only way we can protect ourselves is to pay attention to the news and if it does come, stay in a basement or room (like a closet) and get as far away as you can from a window. There's nothing much you can do since it isn't caused by humans and we can't control the weather, but I heard that the safest spot to stay in is in the basement because when the tornado hits, it will take out the house that is above ground but it's very unlikely to kill anybody in the basement unless if you get trapped under... The issue is that there is a natural disaster that's called a tornado which is a mix of different temperatures of air combined with clouds. It is really dangerous and violent because it's really fast (usually 402km/h or more) and it can pull trees right from the roots and knock houses down really easily, which means it can definitely put people in danger. On average, 60-80 people die each year and over 1000 tornadoes hit just the U.S. each year. Tornadoes can take place anywhere and at anytime, although, it is known that the U.S. has most of the tornadoes and it occurs a lot in a few states (but it has happened in all 50 states) such as Texas, Indiana and where Dorothy lived (Kansas). Tornadoes can take place anywhere as long as there's air, a cloud and wind.
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