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I300 - Ant Hill

Project for I300

Robert Coluzzi

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of I300 - Ant Hill

Insights Predispositions Applicable Findings Shawn - Assistant General Manager Boxing Game "If people like boxing they will play it regardless of body type" "Some come in for food, but mainly we see people coming for the social aspects..." People admire Disney for the simple fact that it lets them get away from reality. People generally feel better when they are active but getting them to be active is the hard part! How do we get people to be active? Answer: Trickery! People enjoy having fun. When you have fun, you think of time less. Parents generally enjoy when their children have fun. People expect to be "wowed" at Disney. People like digital. Amazon Digital Disney Movies = HIGHEST REVIEWS!! A Bug's Life A lot of people have a negative mental assocation with working out. Concepts Lots of Ideas. Team Twirling Zebras R. Mitchell Coluzzi
Rob Flannery
Ian Uesseler
Eric Gallegos Focus Having fun. Escaping Reality Tricking you into being healthy. BUT HOW?! Force you to have fun.
Track your fun.
Track your movement.
Show you being healthy doesn't mean going to the gym. It's not just about eating right. It's about enjoying yourself. It's about being active. It's about forgetting your problems. It's Disney. Social Impact Business Actors. Games. Fun. Social. Family. Health. Creates long-lasting impression of
what it takes to be healthy. Shows everyone the ease of healthy habits Increases happiness throughout world. Coincides with Disney's Mission Addition to Animal Kingdom Firmly addresses health goals of Disney Basic Games
Fun. Virtual Reality
Play Ground
Movie Experiance Competition.
Mental Challenges.
Advice / Memories Any Questions ? Healthy Food
Insightful Service
Lasting Knowledge Ant Hill A Bug's Life Four Floors of Excitement
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