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Mt Kosziuszko

The Matrixter is watching you


on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of Mt Kosziuszko

By Nicholas Xue



How high and wide is Mount kosziuszko?
*Mount kosziuszko is between 2,228 and 2,229 metres obove sea level(7,310 feet).

* Ranked 71st highest mountain in the world!

*Is 9,006 feet(2,745 metres)
This is a picture of mount kosciuszko
Hope you enjoy
2.What is mount Kosciuszko?
*Mt Kociuiszko located in snowy mountains in kosciuszko national park

*Highest mountain in Australia
What is mount Kosciuszko
*The Southern Corroboree Frog of Australia is one
of the most striking frogs in the world.
Down there
is mount
Made from prezi
Hope you've
3.How high /how wide is mount kosziuszko
4.The Corobooree frog/life cycle
5.Pygmy possum/lifecycle
7.Importance of area
*Best skiing place in Australia
690,000 hectares long.
*Largest National park running from
8.Aboriginal history
The corroboree frog
and life cycle
*The pattern of each frog is different.
*They have lime or yellow and black stripes.
*Adults grow about 15cm long
*Froglets eat beetles,bugs,ants,insects,larvae and
beetles and mites
*Adults mostly eat ants but also eat
Pygmy possum
*The pygmy possums are a family of small possums that together form the marsupial family Burramyidae.

*Ther are five species of Pygmy possums

*Endangered animal
*Only living at New South Wales
and Victoria
*Predetors are foxes
and cats
* The average temperature ranges between 3°C and 18°C

*The area’s highest recorded temperature in summer is 33.5°C
These are the summer tempretures for charlotte

*The average temperature ranges between –5°C and 3°C
*The area’s lowest recorded temperature in winter is –23°C
winter tempretures for charlotte
*The average temperature ranges between 11°C and 29°C

*The area’s highest recorded temperature in summer is 41.7°
These are the Average temreture for Khancoban
*The average temperature ranges between 2°C and 13°C

*The area’s lowest recorded temperature in winter is –8°C
these are the average tempreture for winter
Importance of
*Mount Kosciuszko was first climbed in March 1840 by the remarkable explorer
and scientist Sir Paul Edmund de Strzeleck.

*People thought that Jhon Lhotsky was the first one to climb mount kosziuszko
but he wasn't.
*Tadeusz Kosciuszko (although most Australians pronounce the park's name as 'koz-ee-oss-ko,' it really should be pronounced 'koz-chooz-ko.
Recreational activities
*Roads winding through the mountains and across wide open plains offer a
variety of driving experiences for cars, coaches, motor-homes and motorbikes.
*Kosziuszko walking tracks has past crystal clear streams, glacial lakes, deep
gorges, high peaks, historic huts and other culturally significant sites.

*There are many scenic camping sites
with basic facilities.
9.Recreational activities
www.australianalps.environment.gov.au ›
Parks in the Alps
please enjoy this video
Calvin Kelemete
www.gondwananet.com/australia-facts-newsouthwales-mount-kosziuszkoclimbing.about.com › ... › Mountain Climbing › The Seven Summits
Bad piggies
Angry birds space
Temple run
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Angry birds
Nearly there
These are for summer
that is cute
*Aboriginal people lived for tens of thousands of years.

*The most important spiritual ceremonies were attended by groups from south-east New South Wales, north-east Victoria and west of the mountains.
*The mountains also form an important part of a complex network of ceremonial, song and story lines which run across the country.

*While the whole of the landscape is important to Aboriginal people, areas within Kosciuszko continue to have special significance.
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