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Nature vs Nurture

No description

Rajiv Ariaraj

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Nature vs Nurture

A2 Psychology
1. What do you watch on TV?
2. What are your interests?
3. What are your hobbies?
What could have factors could have influenced your interests and personality throughout your life?
Case example
Disney was recently crticised over it's "Avengers" T-Shirts designed for boys and girls. How could these kinds of clothing control for children influence the behaviour adults later on?
What type of people would be good to use in a nature-nurture debate?
If twins are raised separately and turn out about the same as adults, we can say nature has a strong influence as they are genetically similar. However, if they turn out differently, we can conclude that nurture has a strong influence in their behaviour.
The Debate:
Describe on page 25 what you think the nature-nurture debate is:
This debate is about why we behave the way we do. Is it because we are BORN that way (i.e. is it in our genes, we inherit behaviour) or is it because of how we are BROUGHT UP (how we are raised by people and enviornments)?
Nature or Nurture?
Sporting Ability
The Case of David Reimer
What does this add to the nature vs nurture debate?
The Jim Twins
What does this say about the Nature-Nurture Debate?
Has your life turned out the way it has because of Nature or Nurture?
Core Studies
Make a list of the core studies. Which of these studies do you think explains behaviour as a result of Nature and which do you think explains behaviour as a result of Nurture?
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