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End of the Year Prezi

No description

Jake Grossman

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of End of the Year Prezi

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Let's watch this prezi

End of the Year Prezi
How my knowledge of Earth Science has made me a better Citizen of Earth
We are better people because of this class because...
-We work better with others
-We respect the environment more than prior to when we took this class
-We know how to collaborate in a group
-We understand our Earth and why we need to protect it
How we Experienced Earth
Science In Action
- Mini Field Trips
- Labs
-Students Teaching Students
The Special Value of Learning in Nature
There is a special value in learning in nature because we get to see what we are learning about in action. This allows us to understand the material better and we have more appreciation for what we learn.
Most Memorable Lessons
-When we learned that the Earth was flat
-When we learned the cloud dance
-When we learned how P and S waves move
-When you told us the Earth was flat
-The Climate Debate (you wouldn't tell us your opinion) (by the way I WON!!!)
Advice For Future Students
1. Do all your labs well and hand them in on time
2. Take good notes and study them every night
3. Remember to put everything due in the bin (yo)
4. Do all of your HW. ITS AN EASY 100 POINTS!!!!
5. Take advantage of all opportunities for bonuses (like no-peekey do nows)
6. Go to extra help as much as you can
7. Collaborate with other students out of school
8. Do everything ahead of time... Don't wait until the last minute
9. Remember units (monkeys and staceys)
10. Check the website every night
11. No Gossiping (you will be sent to the gossip corner)
12. Think for yourself (don't look for the answer)
13. Get all the work from the hood (yo)
What will help us in high school
-New study skills
-Time Budgeting
-Character values
Things you need to know about Ms. Susinno
-She has many boyfriends
-She likes bubbles
-She probably follows you on twitter
-She likes to give pop quizalitas
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