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No description

Michael Swisher

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of iCouncil

The Road to Awesome! iCouncil The need for an instructional vision with common language, research-based instructional strategies, and systems understanding is now. What is
iCouncil? Question 2 Question 3 What is
effective instruction? Our first task: What is the
instructional vision
in Walled Lake? Do we utilize a K-12
instructional model based
upon research and best practice? Can we guarantee that all teachers
are utilizing evidence-based instructional practices? Question 1 Collaboration Working together as a team, we will address critical issues related to instruction and curriculum. We will leverage the creative thinking and ideas of staff from all buildings and content areas. Change Education is changing. Research, data, and rigorous standards require a comprehensive examination of current practices. Innovation Change brings new ideas and innovations that can yield a revitalized pedagogical approach to instruction. Success We define success as "every child, every day." Everything we do is focused on providing the best education for every student in Walled Lake. 3 Questions to drive our journey . . . A common language? A common definition? Systems Approach All areas and groups of our district are working
together to make the most effective system. Growth Mindset "Are you as good as you
are going to get?" -John Gregg We need a . . .
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