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Thesis presentation

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fiel jayson rodes

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Thesis presentation

Paraiso Terrenal:
A Proposed Multi-Purpose Garden Resort The Philippines is abundant in history having numerous festivities all through out the year being rich in culture that makes it distinctly Filipino, this includes traditions, language, beliefs and the arts, add to the fact that Filipinos are also known as both friendly and hospitable. The Philippines is also blessed with the abundance of natural resources in terms of fertile land, abundant wildlife and breathe taking scenery which in term may be of great benefit not only in the present state but also if taken care of properly through many more generations to come. ntroduction The Municipality of Majayjay Laguna Majayjay, Laguna is also endowed with pristine bodies of water. Pagsanjan & Majayjay falls, Lake Caliraya, and innumerable hot springs originating from the mystical volcano Mt. Makiling in Pansol & Los Banos are just a few which makes the province an ideal place for outings and nature-tripping. Fresh air, cool

mountain breeze, hot spring , which was being taken care of by the locals as they are also proud of the lands natural beauty.
But since there are lots of bodies of water in the location you can also found lots of resorts already built in the province. You can say one of the places the tourist visits are the resorts that you can found there. They also take advantage of the natural running waters and combine it with the resort or they built the resort near it The Site ourism in the Philippines According to Department of Tourism (DOT) A total of 2.143 million visitors arrived from January to June of this year, compared to 1.919 million in the first semester of last year. The largest number of tourists came from countries such asthe United States, Japan, China, Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, Britain, Malaysia and Germany, the department said. The US 15.64% equivalent to 179,561 visitors
China 77.53% equivalent to 96,455
Taiwan 37.49% equivalent to 57,745 visitors
Australia with 47,651 arrivals for a share of 4.15%
Canada with 36,517 arrivals at 3.18%,
Singapore with 35,975 arrivals at 3.13%,
United Kingdom with 31,700 visitors at 2.76%,
Hongkong with 28,800 visitors at 2.51%,
Malaysia with 24,327 visitors at 2.12%,
Germany with 21,106 visitors at 1.84%
Filipinos contributed 4.65% to the total tourist traffic at 53,404 arrivals
Concluding about 95.35% Foreign Arrivals. THE BREAKDOWN Numerous Filipinos today see agriculture as an unprofitable business seeing as it also needs a lot of work and patience. To sway this misconception the garden-resort amenities will be greatly furnished to increase profit in a significant amount and clarify the misunderstanding that the garden-resort yields small-scale income.

Another problem facing the project is possible effect of the garden resort to the natural environment of Majayjay. To answer to this the objective of the development of Garden Resort is to promote the sustainable use, conservation, appreciation and enjoyment of the exceptionally rich plant life and wild life of Majayjay for the benefit of residents and for the future possible users: Statement Of the Problem The study as a whole exemplifies the significance in enhancing the capabilities of agricultural potentials in par with the trends of modernization. In addition, knowledge would be added of would be entrepreneurs who are planning to put up a garden-resort business of their own. It will also set a model example to be more in one with nature to the already existing resorts not only located near the vicinity of Majayjay but to a national scale as well. The study will give people the further knowledge on how they can manage and improve better resort facilities. They will also know the pros and cons of the garden resort and its contribution to the growing tourism in the Philippine industry. It does not only encourage our tourism but as well as the agriculture aspect in the Philippines. The study will also make the public aware of how to integrate buildings with minimum effect to the environment. It will also be of significance to the local citizens of Majayjay for the job it would create. And finally the study would greatly benefit the local municipality of Majayjay to boost it as a tourism destination.

The adverse effect of the garden-resort to environment will be done in a way that would have less alteration to the surrounding native setting that would be of more use for future generations to come.
The natives of the Majayjay will be greatly educated to better raise their alertness to preserved their natural resources and be more aware of the probable possibilities that their resource has to offer.
The study can also help boost the tourism in the locality of Majayjay to put it on the map of “must see” tourist spots.
The garden-resort will aid in the declining demand for available jobs that would greatly help in the misconception that one needs to be in the city to have a sustainable income. SIGNIFICANCE of the Study -What constitutions of the municipality of Majayjay that will guide the design and building procedure of the project to minimize the alteration of the surrounding environment and sustain the garden-resort’s efficiency.
-What innovative ideas, design, concept and plan of the garden-resort will make it stand out from the already existing resorts in the vicinity?
-Know the potentials of the lot that is best suited for the garden-resort not just the orientation of the structure but as well as the appropriate plants that would befitting the site and give a more relaxing feel to the users.
-What are the existing landmarks that would be beneficial for the garden-resort? Research will include the following conditions that would guide and help in the creation of the garden-resort.

In terms of tourism, the resort will function as a luxurious resort that will provide all the facilities that shows and educates local and foreign visitors of the works of the garden-resort within the boundaries of the site so as to make their stay pleasing, exotic and educational.

In the terms of the agricultural side of the study, the project will only set as a conservatory for various kinds of ornamental plants, herbs, shrubs and hedges of different array that is native only to the Philippines and will also include insects that would add as a attraction and will also compliment the garden-resort. The project will also include the different types of trees that can naturally be found at the site which is also one of the prime factors in the garden-resort’s income. The factors and other researches related to the garden-resort’s amenities and services to be rendered available in the resort. Specially the procedures and needed conditions in the agricultural side of the garden-resort in production for the specified array of plants. Also included are the activities offered and to be taken in participation by the guest of the garden-resort. Finally the research will also include the garden and resort working, maintenance and management. SCOPE LIMITATIONS And Of the Study griculture in the Philippines The Philippines is considered as a global biodiversity hotspot. There are an estimated 13,500 plant species, of which 8,000 are flowering plants and about 3,200 (40%) endemic and the rest are introduced into the country

The current boom in real estate development occurring around the country and the need for ornamentals for greening (green roof, green building, green wall), landscaping and environmental sustainability is an encouraging sign of bright years for the ornamental industry used as potted plant, fence or hedge plant and landscape shrub. The Philippines is still primarily an agricultural country despite the plan to make it an industrialized economy by 2000. Most citizens still live in rural areas and support themselves through agriculture. The country's agriculture sector is made up of 4 sub-sectors: farming, fisheries, livestock, and forestry (the latter 2 sectors are very small), which together employ 39.8 percent of the labor force and contribute 20 percent of GDP. source: nationsencyclopedia.com source: Institute of Plant Breeding & Crop Science Cluster College of Agriculture University of the Philippines Los Baños College, Laguna Site Selection Criteria ACCESSIBILITY ORIENTATION SIZE & TOPOGRAPHY PHYSICAL ENVIRIONMENT Basic Utilities and Technical Services Proximity to Various Facilities and Services Land Use Compatibility The location of the site is within the working zone where it’s nearby farms and establishment which is relatively busy but despite that wit the distance between each structure. There isn’t much a problem between each establishment. The location of the site is near residential farmers. In front of the site is a small hospital, poultry farm and a concrete hollow block and sand mining and metal factory. There are electrical line and water line present in the area and no problem in communication line. The location of the site is in higher grounds which allow better reception even with the lack of telecommunication tower. The land is plain with few contours which can be flattened. And the wind is mildly cold because it’s in higher ground and it occasionally has rainfall which helps in crops. If the climate is sunny then the temperature is average to mildly hot but when it’s raining. The temperature is rather cold. The location of the site is far from fault line or cliffs and floods never occur with a creak nearby and the surrounding is full of trees which absorb the water to prevent soil erosion and flooding but the soil is soft which needs deeper foundation for a structure. The size is 14726 Sq. M. it’s big enough for the project and its relatively flat with a creak running through the site and a bit of counter which is can be flatten since it’s not big enough to hinder construction or it can be used in the project. The site dived into open rice field and the forest. The wind passes through without problem and the sunlight isn’t obscure in view. The open field is open with lacking of trees as sound buffer making it easier to hear if someone is coming. It’s also plentiful of vegetation and crops since it’s near the forest. The site is adjacent to the national road which is 15 meter wide. Transportation speed isn’t a problem because there won’t be much traffic due to lack of vehicles passing through which is also a weakness because there is no terminal nearby. S M A R T pecific anageable ttainable ealistic ime bound The project heavily depends on the nature as part of the project. Preserving the natural resources within the site can help in sustaining the project.

The climate also affects the effectiveness of the project. Having a rainy season would affect the visitors of the resort and also it would be bad for the plants if it’s drowned by water.
A design that easily adapts in changing seasons and economy is needed. There are also seasons in selling ornamental plants so planning on what to be planted is also necessary. A flexible design that doesn’t depend only on the initial proposal shows that it can sustain itself in the future. To make the project realistic, the concept must be attainable or possible to make or already been used in previews project and shows successful results. It should be practical and can be turn into a design. It should be also within reasonable price and the capital should be able to be earned in realistic time frame.

The construction period should be also within reasonable time frame and the materials used are carefully study so it will be environmental friendly and the cost won’t be high. Asking support from private sectors by showing them the possible benefit and potential of the project could make them decide to support the project. The idea of combining the nature and the project is not a new idea. It’s already been done in other projects. A good example of the project is the La Mesa Eco Park They turn the forest around the dam into a recreational leisure park. So the objective of the proposal is attainable with the proper planning, help from the locals, stakeholders, government support, and institution or program that promotes land preservation and the department of Tourism. The concept green architecture starts with the idea of self sustaining and environmental friendly projects which is being integrated into the current system of planning and designing. The idea of the proposal is simple and it’s also simple to manage. Since the location is rural area. The land is abundant of resources which are ideal for gardening which also helps the users in taking care of the plants. The natural running water is also convenient. It’s cheap, free and clean. It helps a lot in managing the establishment. It only needs well trained or knowledgeable users to make full use of the proposal. The objective of the proposal is to be able to incorporate the nature as a part of the resort. Being able to plan as the usage of the nature as part of the project while keeping the intervention in at bare minimum and not resulting in destroying the natural resources. This study challenges the skill of the architect to actually develop the provincial area without changing the nature and feel of the rural provinces. DESIGN Concept As more resorts label themselves as environmentally friendly, sometimes it's hard to tell what's green and what's "green." The project employs locals of Majayjay, buy locally, support community projects and show respect for local traditions, as well as minimizing their effects on the environment by using renewable energy, conserving water, recycling resources and protecting the natural habitat. When in doubt, ask. A truly green resort will be able to articulate clearly how they're making a difference through how they work on the inside and you might be surprised by how big a positive difference the project can make.

The vicinity of the site of the garden-resort the ecological balance of nature is not disturb but subjected as one of the gardens-resort’s amenities. The project would devised to minimize its impact on the environment by constructing its structures (if possible) within the site of the fauna rather than clearing the land and altering the landscape. Function Room Meeting Rooms Suites Bar Restaurants Hiking/Biking trail Starting point Infinity Pool Shops Main Lobby Toilet and Bath Shower Reception Parking Ground Floor Bubble Space 2nd Floor Plan Bubble Space Stairs Stairs Restaurants Admin. Rooms Infinity Pool Shower Toilet and Bath Individual
Suites Individual
Suites Individual
Suites Butterfly Garden Butterfly Garden Greenhouse Butterfly Garden Butterfly Garden Butterfly Garden Open Spa Area SITE Photos The Site is somewhere located here
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