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Scottish Landmarks

No description

Emma Stewart

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Scottish Landmarks

Scottish Landmarks By Emma Stewart Landmarks Landmarks Glasgow Tower Images THANK YOU
FOR LISTENING Wallace Monument Callanish Standing Stones Edinburgh Dungeons Glasgow Science Centre Falkirk Wheel Edinburough Castle Loch Ness Landmarks The Falkirk Wheel is a rotating boat lift in Falkirk. It connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. It was named after the near by town of Falkirk, the lift opened in 2002. The wheel lifts the boat up takes it round to the height of the union Canal so the boat can sail easily between the two canals. The Loch Ness is the most famous loch in the world
and one of the most vistited locations in Scotland. The loch is 23 miles deep and 52 feet above sea level. The
Loch Ness is allegedly the home of the Loch Ness Monster. The animal is said to be 40 - 50 meters tall. Another feature you can find here in the Loch Ness is the
only island around it, Cherry island. Other things to do other than monster hunting is taking short walks along paths to the 'Trail of the Seven Lochs.' Edinburgh Castle is a huge castle in the capital
city of Scotland. The best and most well known attraction in Edinburgh is its magnificent medieval Castle, which receives around a million visitors each year. The castle is very well knowen place in Scotland. Glasgow Science Centre is one on Scotlands must-see tourist attractions and there is lots of things to see and do. The Centre is home to hundres of interactive exhibits in the Science Mall, a Planetarium, Scotlands biggest-screen IMAX, a Science Show Theatre, a great cafe and an intriguing shop. Callanish has three sets of stone circles all within a few miles of each other. The stones are in the village of Callanish, on the West Coast of Lewis. Much work has been done over the last 80 years on the astronomical stones built in to the monument at Callanish. The stones appear in the aminated film Brave. Edinburgh Dungeons is the ultimate thrill-filled journey through Scotland's murky past. The Edinburgh Dungeon is an 80 minute journey through 1000 years of Scotland 's horrible history. You will laugh and scream as you encounter live actor shows, gripping storytelling, exciting rides and thrilling special effects. It's based on real history and legend where you come face-to-face with sinister characters from Scotland's gruesome past, including Scotland's Warrior Hero William Wallace. The Wallace Monument is a place where history is something you can touch and feel, as you follow the story of Sir William Wallace, patriot, martyr, and Guardian of Scotland. For over 140 years, this world-famous landmark has fascinated visitors with its exhibits and displays, telling the story of Sir William Wallace. When you reach the top of the Monument the view will take your breath away. The Glasgow Tower is a free-standing tower located
on the south bank of the River Clyde in Glasgow. The Tower holds a Guiness World Record for being tallest tower in the world in which the whole structure is capable of roating 360 degrees. The tower is 127 metres tall and is currentaly the tallest tower in Scotland and second tallset free-standing structure after Inverkip Power Station. BY EMMA STEWART
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