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Why teachers should wear uniforms

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Liam Morton

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Why teachers should wear uniforms

By: Liam Morton Why Teachers Should Wear Uniforms Anti-uniforms Comfort in Class Here is a reason why teachers should not Are teachers Another factor which should be taken into consideration is whether or not teachers will be comfortable in their uniforms. This especially applies to women. Some women would rather not wear a skirt or dress at all, but would rather wear dressy pants. If teachers need to wear uniforms, they should be able to have a choice to ensure their comfort. One of the biggest concerns that is raised about students being forced to wear uniforms is that it may take away from their individuality. Can uniforms take away from individuality for teachers too? Probably even more than students. Although a student may be able to enhance their individuality by adding certain accessories to their uniform, teachers may not be able to do the same. wear uniforms. There are many different work settings which require workers to wear uniforms. Restaurants, hotels and many other types of jobs require workers to wear uniforms. While some would argue that college educated individuals should not have to wear uniforms, there are many different major jobs that require people with degrees to wear uniforms. Nurses and dental hygienists, for example, are required to wear uniforms. What makes teachers so special that they shouldn't have to "dress to impress." special? Job outlook The job outlook for teaching jobs without the influence of uniforms is going up. The only problem is.... if you add the uniforms into the picture, not many teachers want to wear them, so the jobs in teaching will go down... and fast! This happened in Oklahoma, when a school wanted to make the kids and teachers wear uniforms. Get this... not only the students protested against the uniforms, but the teachers did to!
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