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Chapter 11


Melanie Elliott

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Chapter 11

Execute On Media Platforms Print
Print advertising works
well for factual information,
especially complex messages
and topics that the consumer
wants to investigate. The best executions are those that we specifically develop for print, especially when the message requires us to lay out detailed, logical arguments in favor of our cause or brand. Newspaper ads that work well provide news value, blending into the newspaper medium. Executing advertising in magazines requires not just good copywriting but also clever use of powerful images. The visuals that get people’s attention often offer some element of surprise. Terms
Camera Angle
A key decision creatives make on a photo shoot; camera angle establishes a relationship between the viewer and the image, making the viewer dominant, subservient, or equal.
A key decision creatives make on a photo shoot; framing may be close up, long shot, oblique, frontal, etc. TV
Art directors can blend words with images—real or animated—and music. TV can demonstrate products, but it also can create moods via graphic images and sounds. Coordinating all these elements requires multiple participants on the agency side to manage the creative process, storyboards, and copywriting, as well as a producer to oversee all the activities related to the broadcast production.

sound design
The audio elements that enhance the story being told by the visual.
In a TV commercial, a background track that runs throughout, whose purpose is to create and reinforce the emotional tone throughout the communication.
mix or final mix
In a TV commercial, the blend of the married elements of dialogue or voice-over (VO), sound design and music so that the desired story is achieved.

Executing well in radio requires strong copywriting. Sound effects reinforce the images copy creates.
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